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The One Stop Shop

             Pacific Sun Wear at Rosedale is a quality place to shop because it has high quality merchandise, excellent customer service, and a fine display. This is one of my favorite stores at because people feel it has a great selection for cheap prices. People shop there for school clothes or just to go there and look around because they feel that is has a cool atmosphere and people are nice to them their.
             Pacific Sun Wear's merchandise has been known by many consumers for its great pricing and durability. The prices at Pac Sun are equal to the ones at Gadzooks or American Eagle. A shirt at Pac Sun costs anywhere from fifteen to eighteen dollars which people feel is a good price. Some of the clothes there are a expensive, but they are much the same price anywhere else, so customers are not losing much if they decide to shop at Pac Sun. The clothes sold at Pac Sun has been known by many consumers to be very durable. Take for example a pair of Hurley jeans. They have lasted me for the last 3 years, and they do not have a rip or a tear in them, and they are beaten around. That just goes to show that even if people are not buying brand name clothing they can still get a good pair of jeans or a shirt for cheap. Pac Sun is known for selling brands like Hurley, Billabong, and other brands that are sponsored by skateboarders or surfers. Skateboarders sponsor these brand name clothing during events that they participate in. Some people don't even need to be involved in those sports, but they do like the different selections and unique clothes that they can get at these stores.
             The employees at Pacific Sun Wear answer questions and help customers. The many times that customers have shopped there they have never been ignored or been treated poorly. They must love what they do or else they would not be working there. Also, another thing that customers found to be good is when they need a different size or a different item they are prompt in getting it to them, so that they can help other people instead of just focusing on one person, they focus on the whole store.

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