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Pygmalion Effect in Schools

             It is obvious in schools today that all students are not successful. Some teachers believe it to be the fault of genetics, some believe students are lazy, and even others believe students just don't learn the way that that certain teacher teaches. The Pygmalion effect, if proven true, though, would answer any question that these teachers might have, and it may, surprisingly enough, put the blame on the teachers themselves. Schools would be run quite differently if the Pygmalion effect was proven, and rightfully so!.
             In training for a teacher, I"m sure one learns special techniques that help them communicate with the especially bright, exceptionally dull, and even just the average student. These techniques would be very different, in many ways. Teachers would need to learn how to treat each child the same, as if they were one of the exceptionally bright students that were anticipated to succeed. With the Pygmalion effect proven, this would mean that the vast majority of children would learn much better, and closer to their potential. Rather than just give up on the "dull" students, teachers would learn how to communicate with students who are not expected to achieve much in the classroom. This way, each student would get just as much attention as most bright students get, making them learn at a faster pace, and making them reach a higher level in school. This change in behavior deals with more than one factor dealing with Pygmalion. Actually, it deals with all four factors. The first factor is the climate factor, stating that providing a warm and comfortable learning environment will help a student learn better in a classroom setting. Another factor, called the input factor, deals with how much work a teacher puts forth to teach his or her students. A teacher with little or no hope that his/her class will learn anything won't try their hardest to teach them, resulting in less of a chance for the students to learn and be pushed educationally in the classroom.

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