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The Truth About Teens (alcohol, Sex, Pot)

            In today's society, teenagers have been stereotyped as smoking, sex-crazed, drunk youth. I conducted a survey to find out just how accurate this typecast was. In my survey I asked five questions: their age, gender, religion, what they thought was most popular out of drinking, smoking, or sex, and whether they were involved in any, all, or none of the three activities. I conducted my survey on the internet so that I would be able to receive a wider range of opinion and have more "accurate" results. .
             I asked the questions of age and gender to find out if the results of the poll were different between age or sex. I also thought that the question of asking whether they were religious or not was very important to the survey. I wanted to find out if the nonreligious participants were more or less likely to think others were drinking, smoking, or having sex, or whether they themselves were doing any of these activities more than the religious participants. While gathering my information I realized that asking the question of religion was more important than I had originally thought it would be. Religion had a factor, yes, but I also found it to be self-explanatory. None of the religious teens did any of the activities. Although, perhaps not so "wild" as some people think, some nonreligious teens did none of the activities.
             The universe for my poll was 30 people. Eighteen of which were female, 12 were male. The range of age was 14 years old to 19 years old. I wanted to have the ages of my participants in their teens because my poll is based strictly on teenagers; also, one of my questions was that of an opinion of teenagers by their peers.
             I was a little surprised at how many teenagers had no preference of religion or just did not care about religion at all. Eleven of the 18 females polled did not consider themselves religious, and four of the 18 thought they were "kind of" religious (whatever that means).

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