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Is Tithonus Willing to Pay the Fee?

             Everyone wants to better themselves and achieve their wildest dreams. Does mankind make sacrifices in order to achieve their dreams? Webster's dictionary defines sacrifice as meaning "giving up one thing for another." To achieve one's dream sacrifices will have to be made. In Alfred Lord Tennyson's "Tithonus," the title character dreams of being granted immortality. Tithonus desires "to dwell in presence of immortal youth" (Tennyson). In a surprising twist Tithonus is granted immortality, but not immortal youth. Tithonus is curious about human life. Tithonus wants to prolong it. The secrets to human life intrigues him so he sets out on a journey. Society has a natural instinct to better their knowledge on a subject that intrigues them. The world always wants to stretch their hopes and dreams to that of the unthinkable. Tithonus hopes to accomplish his goal of immortaility. Is he willing to make sacrifices? Like Tithonus, everyone desires to know the unthinkable but do not consider their actions" consequences. The main character, Tithonus, dreams of eternal life. "Give me immortality," shouts Tithonus. Aurora, goddess of the dawn, grants his wish. However, the Hours, the goddesses who accompany Aurora, are outraged that Tithonus is able to resist death, so they take their revenge by beating him until he grows old. He is lurking in his immortality and now watches Aurora live a youthful eternity while he is destined to grow old but never die. Tithonus appeals to Aurora to take back the gift of immortality. Tithonus wants to live forever but not in old age. Alas, beggars cannot be choosers. Tithonus was granted his wish and his dream came true, but not the way that he hopes. He now realizes the ruin in desiring to be different from all the rest of mankind and regrets his immortality. "Why should a man desire in any way to vary from the kindly race of men, or pass beyond the goal of ordinance" (887).

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