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The Yellow Wallpaper

            The main point of view is of the narrator who is a married woman whom has a child, she is spending a summer in large house in the country. Her husband who is also her attending physician and her brother, prescribe her a quiet retreat treatment for her depression. The narrator becomes obsessed with the wallpaper in the room she is made to stay in. This obsession lends a brief glimpse of what drove her over the brink. .
             The main character is "round" characterization where we see in the previous paragraph. It takes more than one sentence to sum up her character. She is an individual who seemingly has "gone off her rocker," but through the reading of the story we see she is in fact a direct representation of herself throughout most of the story. .
             The main character and her husband are "ordinary" in respects to her own individual classification of the term, "ordinary". When thinking that they can afford a nanny to care for their child, it does give the reader the impression that the couple are fairly well to do. The narrator does say they were "lucky" to be able to rent the colonial mansion. The narrator seems to be unaware of the full extent of her illness. In the beginning of the story she is aware of her surroundings as well as of herself and her husband. Once she started prattling on and on incessantly about the wallpaper gave a clear inside view of the extraordinary that was occurring. She allowed herself to become so fascinated with the wallpaper that it consumed all her time and energy. It stole from her many a good nights rest, because she was completely obsessed with "figuring" it out before anyone else could. .
             The protagonist-antagonist relationship is in direct relation to the narrator and her husband. The protagonist is the narrator, so consumed with her own self and how she will complete her day without getting caught. The antagonist was her husband, the nanny, or anyone/anything else that crossed her path.

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