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Samsung Brand Audit

             This paper discusses the core concepts of brand equity, its sources and its importance to an organisation. A descriptive survey was conducted through means of a questionnaire to measure the sources of brand equity of the Samsung Mobile brand. The survey demonstrated variable results for questions relating to brand association and brand awareness. The main finding of the paper was that consumers were influenced more by Samsung's tangible / product related attributes rather than emotional wants in considering purchasing a Samsung mobile. This audit provides us with a snapshot brand picture of Samsung mobile and how consumers conceptualise it to be.
             The second part of the study includes the limitation of the current study. Like any other research, the research undertaken has its limitation. "Brand equity" is complex in nature and cannot be quantified by a single measure over a small number of analogous respondents. The research should be conducted with different quantitative research tools over a bigger and broader base of respondents. The research undertaken revealed different results for sub-components of Consumer based brand equity for the Brand; Samsung Mobile. It lays our different the sources of Brand equity for Samsung mobiles. Towards the end this paper underlines specific managerial implication and strategies for managing the brand; Samsung mobile, over time. .
             A brand audit is a consumer-focused exercise whereby a number of procedures are used to ascertain the health of a brand, to uncover the sources of its brand equity and to uncover ways of improving and leveraging its brand equity. .
             A brand audit needs to be conducted with both the perspectives of the consumer, as well as how these products are being marketed and branded. This part of a brand audit is covered in a brand inventory. .
             It is also necessary to delve into the minds of the consumers, to discover their perceptions and beliefs and consequently the true meaning of the firm's brands and products.

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