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            Bluetooth wireless technology was created to replace the cables used on mobile devices. The technology is a low-cost, low-power, global radio system for integration into mobile devices. These devices can form a quick and secure connection to communicate with connected devices. Bluetooth technology creates many mobile usage models because the connections can occur while mobile devices are being carried in pockets and purses of users. .
             Wireless lans have good networking capabilities, but there is no clear market standard to pick, there are at least three varieties of IEEE 802 .11 standards and a gamut of other proprietary networking solutions on the market.
             Cost is high for integration; no global standards, and integration into small handheld devices can be complicated. Bluetooth is being marketed as a low-cost RF link that will replace the cable from the network adapter (Wireless Lan card ).
             The IEEE organization has recognized the need for wireless cable replacement technology and started the development of the 802.15 group that focuses on the Wireless Personal Area Networks (Wpan) this technology is based on Bluetooth. Where wireless lans are designed to connect large groups of users over a network, Bluetooth is designed to connect mobile devices over a personal and private connection. The connection is a short range wireless voice and data link between a broad range of devices such as PCs, notebook computers, handhelds, PDAs,.
             Smart Phones, mobile phones, and digital cameras. The aim of bluetooth is to operate in the smallest battery-powered devices, the Bluetooth specification calls for a small form factor, low power consumption and low cost. The range and speed of the technology were kept low to ensure maximum battery life and minimum cost for devices using the technology.
             The core essence of the technology is to create a Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) consisting of all the Bluetooth-enabled devices immediately surrounding a user, wherever that user may be located.

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