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Anti-Western Islamic Fundamentalism

             Fundamentalism can de defined as a movement or attitude stressing strict and truthful loyalty to a set of basic principles. Islamic Fundamentalism, can be seen as the emergence from US interventions made in the Middle East states, that embedded is anti-western sentiment against Americans. That is a very true case today, as Gilbert Achcar in his book The Clash of Barbarisms: Sept 11 and the Making of the New World Disorder, argues that the growing influence of radical anti-Western Islamic Fundamentalism in the Arab world is due to the defeat of Nassarism (Arab nationalism) and the national developmentalist model, the position of the petit bourgeoisie (composed of manufacturers, shopkeepers, artisans, and peasants), and the role played by the US in supporting repressive regimes in the region (ME).
             Nassarism and the national developmentalist model, the petit bourgeoisie, and US support of regimes can all interrelate. All of these are main causes of anti-western fundamentalism that is spread throughout the entire Middle East. Dating back to postwar WWII, Nassarism and the national developmentalist model emerged from the idea brought up by the successor Nasser who nationalized Egypt under its mandate. By nationalizing Egypt, Nasser got much support as it also challenged British dominance when he nationalized the Suez Canal (1956). The national development model was an attempt to consolidate the state, as the basic idea was for countries control and own its own resources. Further more, Islamic Fundamentalism grew mainly from the middle class (Wahhabi) who were for the antinationalist struggle. But as the dependent bourgeoisie followed the policies of the western powers, more and more the middle class (petit bourgeoisie) was starting to become the proletariat class and poverty came from that dislocation. The petit bourgeoisie's reaction was with anti-Western Islamic fundamentalism where its movement expanded explosively.

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