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Cycle Of The Werewolf

             Annette Curtis Klause was born in bristol, england and currently lives in Hyattsville, .
             Maryland with her husband and their cats. She is head of children's services at the .
             Aspen Hill Community Library in Maryland. Annette holds a B.A. in English .
             Literature and an M.L.S. form the University of Maryland, College Park. .
             The setting was in Maryland in the suburbs and it relates to the author's life because .
             she thought that it would be a nice setting for a werewolf story.
             The story starts off in Maryland giving us more of the back story as it goes on. During.
             the story Vivian who is the main character attends high school and meets a boy .
             named Aiden. Soon after her and Aiden hit if off and are getting along great. Aiden .
             takes Vivian to go meet all of his friends and she gets to know everyone. Her pack .
             of werewolves which she calls family one night decides that they have to pick a new .
             leader and the traditional way that they do that is to hold fights to the first blood. .
             Gabriel wins and then Vivian's mother is attacked off guard by another werewolve .
             so Vivian attacks her and draws blood so technically she is the pack's new "queen." .
             Later on in the story Aiden reveals that he has an interest in the unknown which .
             intrigues her and after two months or so of dating she decides to show him her .
             secret one night. He freaks out and yells at her to get out and then over the next .
             couple of nights she wakes up a mess. One night Vivian wakes up sick and .
             covered in human blood and learns that the night before there was a brutal murder .
             behind the local bar. The next night she wakes up with a human hand next to her. .
             Vivian then gets drunk one night and goes to a girl's house who is after her .
             ex-boyfriend and Vivian tears her room up. Once the police start showing up at .
             Vivian's house asking her questions about the break in she decides to save the .
             pack the trouble and decides to go and kill herself. Before she could though she .

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