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Alfred Hitchcock: The Master Of Psychological Suspense

            Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Psychological Suspense.
             Alfred Hitchcock has earned the title ofMaster of Suspense? by creating films conveying on screen some of his own personal phobias. As child, Alfred Hitchcock had a run in with the police in which changed his prospective on author and, the law. At the age of 5, his father told Alfred to go to the police and, hand the officer a note. After, arriving at the police station Alfred was placed inside a jail cell for only a few minutes. This experience can be seen in many of his films. His films covers innocent people considered guilty by authority. Through his films Alfred Hitchcock created wonderful storylines that has helped us analyze ourselves mentally. From the 1920's until the 1970's, he has kept us on the edge of our seats for fifty years by, providing us mystery and suspense films. .
             His directing style so interesting because, he appears so mild in the mannered the public eye with his quiet composure. Yet, it makes one wonder about the possible inner turmoil inside to have a man create movies covering many emotional topics. One has to view his films more than once to really catch the small subtleties to understand the statement he is trying to make through his films. Many of his characters fall into a central theme of being at the right place at the wrong time. In effort to clear his/her name they must fight to prove their innocence and, bring the guilty ones to justice. .
             Another Alfred Hitchcock storylines also may explore the elements of marriage. By resolving either emotional or sexual problems in both partners, because, humans are injured and deficient by nature and, can be only healed to be made whole by the mundane miracle of love (2). As we will discover in some of his well known films on his using psychological traits of the character to place the viewer mentally on the screen may be a bit unnerving. .
             During the 1920's; The Lodger was one of Alfred Hitchcock first successful film as director.

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