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            Lead is a poisonous element that can harm humans if they aren't careful. The most common hazardous problem is lead poisoning. Lead is poisoning can have some severe affects but with being aware of this hazard there are ways to avid being poisoned. .
             A very common place where children can be infected by lead poisoning is on public playground equipment. This is possible if the equipment has chipping or peeling lead paint, which is potential lead poisoning hazard primarily for children six years old and younger. They ingest the lead by getting paint chips or dust on their hands and then putting their hands into their mouth. To solve this problem, it is recommended that you keep the lead at or below the 0.5 percent level. .
             The other big cause for lead poisoning is lead in your drinking water that comes out of the faucet. The best way to prevent this is b simply just being aware of your waters lead levels. You should always flush your pipes before drinking. Anytime the water in a particular faucet has not been used for six hours or longer you need to flush your cold water pipes by running the water until it becomes as cold as it will get. The more time water has been sitting it becomes as cold as it will get. The more time water has been in your house pipes, the more lead it may contain. Only use cold water tap for drinking, cooking, and especially for making baby formula. Hot water is likely to contain higher levels of lead. Lead poisoning can be caused by lead fishing sinkers too. So it is encouraged not to use lead sinkers or any other items containing lead while fishing.

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