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            During the growth of civilization there were many people all around the world who began to develop a more sophisticated way of life from the days of the caveman. This development brought thought, and from that a great world was born, which slowly evolved to what we now know. As people began to question life and why they are here on earth certain questions about religion arose; these questions led to the start of many different and equally unique religions. There are many similarities between the religions of the world, but there is one major aspect of Christianity that sets it far apart from any other religion, and that is Christ. Christ, or Jesus (what ever one wishes to call him) is the greatest prophet that ever walked the earth. He is the incarnated God. .
             When Jesus of Nazareth walked the face of the earth it gave his followers something that every religion failed to offer: a living breathing man made in the image of God. Jesus gave his followers a much needed linkage to the God that they worship; he served as a bridge between humanity and divinity. Jesus preached to the lowliest of the people of Palestine and with his divine gift as the Messiah he healed the sick, and preached his ideas of love and belief in one God, his father God the Almighty. Jesus" message included his major teaching of love, and this was later found through writings of the Bible, and in those two Bibles were guidelines for living a life most comparable to that of Jesus. .
             Some of the major practices of the Christian church that follow the life of Jesus, the incarnated God, are found in the Bible and everyday life of a Christian. The Christian faith revolves around the ideology of unconditional love; such love is illustrated through worship and prayer. Christians worship God in a mass that takes place every Sunday. There is a priest and a intricate system of beliefs and rules that Christians should follow to best live a life as God would have wanted.

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