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Freedom from Anthem

             FREEDOM INDIVIDUALITY These two words and the meanings behind them represent many different ideas to the average student, to a democratic society, and to Equality 7-2521, the hero of Ayn Rand's inspiring, world-renowned novel, Anthem. Individuality and freedom, or Objectivism, as Ayn Rand has named her philosophy on the importance of freedom and individuality, are desires virtually all see as rights because, in fact, they are the very basis of human nature. Without freedom, societies would evolve much slower because many talents would be wasted through government-chosen occupations. The result would be a monotonous world of routine and boredom. .
             To the average teenager, freedom means wearing, saying, and doing anything he or she pleases, within reason. To teens, freedom is being able to obtain a license, drive a car, and have fun just because it is meant for them to do. It is the ability to choose friends, among thousands, and classes, basing their choices on their own individual preference. These freedoms are widely over-looked and unappreciated, for many do not realize that everyone does not rejoice in them. .
             In today's society, freedom is the right to vote, the right to voice one's own opinions without prejudice, to sue others for wrong actions, the right to a trial by jury, and much more. It is also to make the best choices to better him- or herself and his or her family. Many choose not to exercise these rights, or freedoms .
             rather, and cannot imagine a time when they will not exist. To the citizens of the United States of America, a society without freedom would be a society without life, without justice. In a far less developed country, however, people would not be able to express their feelings of disgust and repugnance because they have not been able to experience this bliss that people in other countries experience everyday. Modern societies do appear to take individuality for granted, but with good reason.

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