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Through My Eyes

             What is religion? One might agree it is a broad way of life, a belief regarding one's relationship with the universe, or even God. In some societies today, religion is still a way of life, and it has become a way of providing salvation and sanctuary to an individual or community. Throughout my childhood, I have memories of Sunday school, church, and prayer. My brother and I were brought into the church and taught the "ways of a Catholic." For many years I blindly believed everything that I was taught, did as I was told and acted in the proper Catholic manner. The thought never crossed my mind to question anything or disobey anyone in fear of upsetting my peers and more importantly my mother. She always said to believe in what your heart tells you, but when you don't know any better, what do you believe? I felt somewhat trapped, and unable to explore the questions I had about God, the universe, life, and death.
             All my life my mother taught me that church was time to grow and become closer to God, but as a child I what does this mean? Does it mean getting to know someone unreal, or talking to someone that doesn't talk back? For me church was just another routine. When Sunday morning rolled around, we would all get up, dress up, and hop in the mini-van to go to church. We would then sit there for about an hour listening to the priest rambling on about who knows what. My mind would wander, and I would ask my mother questions and be shushed from the people behind me. Then came Sunday school where we were supposed to learn about what we heard in church. Instead we colored, painted, and goofed off. .
             As I went through puberty, I began to wonder it's as though I gained a mind of my own and began to question the ideas and rituals of Catholicism. I found myself drifting away from my beliefs, but I never went against them. From my experiences I have learned that society judges what is different.

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