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Tiberius And Claudius

            Assess the contribution Tiberius and Claudius made to Rome and its Empire.
             Tiberius and Claudius both made significant contributions to Rome and it's Empire. According to ancient writers Tiberius" contributions were minor but still significant, and Claudius had made more extensive and large contributions. The contributions of Tiberius include administrative, the welfare of the population, foreign policy and diplomacy, and financial. The contributions of Claudius include administrative, foreign policy, peace and prosperity, welfare of the population and public works. Despite these contributions, both Tiberius and Claudius shattered the well-produced image of Rome by their appearance or personality and both had been under the influence of devious men and women.
             Tacitus, Suetonius and Cassius Dio all acknowledge that Tiberius made capable administrative contributions to Rome. Perhaps Tiberius" greatest contribution in administration to the welfare of the people was his maintenance of law and order, as Tacitus comments that Tiberius quickly settle disputes in court so there won't be any disturbances in the community. This is reinforced by Suetonius" account where he describes that Tiberius decreased the distance between police posts to safeguard the country and therefore Tiberius had contributed peace and safety to the people of Rome and its Empire. He appointed the city Prefect who, with the aid of the urban cohorts, was responsible for keeping law and order in the city. .
             Tiberius made contributions to the welfare of the people of Rome as the Velleuis Paterculus informs us that Tiberius used his private fortune by providing aid for the victims of major disasters, such as the Tiber floods and the disastrous fire at the Aventine. According to Cassius Dio, Tiberius had also used his private fortune to rebuild and adorn practically all the public works and assisted both the city and the private individuals.

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