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Incest and Ethics, Adam

            Incest - Did human history begin with immorality? .
             Did human history begin with divorce, according to the Bible? .
             Is there any basis of morality for non-believers? .
             Immorality? No. Genesis, the first book of the bible, tells us that man was created without sin, and is created in the image of God. .
             Morality was designed by the Creator, and not by non-believers, creatures, and Humanists who made up their systems of reasoning much later than the creation. .
             There was no divorce recorded in the book of creation, nor was a rule for divorce announced. No system of moral voiced by Adam and Eve. .
             The knowledge of good and evil was not yet obtained without eating of the fruit. .
             And incest was not defined as immoral, nor forbidden after the early dawn of knowledge of good and evil. .
             It is at the time of the Mosaic Law that incest was forbidden. The Law of the Old Covenant was given after Exodus. .
             A law for putting away an adulterous wife was later given by Moses. According to Jesus the Christ, Moses gave this law because of the hardness of people's hearts, that some very much desire separation with their mates. .
             All the law in the Torah and in the Bible are God breathed/inspired, originated from the supreme law giver. (It is believed to be so, and followed as such.) .
             Non-believers have no supreme law giver to set up their unchanging and unchangable legal systems and rights. Their rules change at unpredictable frequency. No superbeing has given them any monumental set of law by which they must studiously follow forever. .
             There is no firm foundation of stability in instability. They live in constant changes; in passing moments. .
             Talking about morality? What base is there for a people without straight rules/principles? .
             What blossomed today vanish into decay before sunset. .
             There was a time of homosexuality in Greek history; then came rich merchants with mistresses and villas; then we have the Common Law husbands and wives, couples by law who are not even married by oath, registration, and written contract.

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