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Titus' Fatal Mistakes

             "Titus Andronicus is a play with 14 killings, 9 of them on stage, 6 severed members, 1 rape (or 2 or 3, depending on how you count), 1 live burial, 1 case of insanity and 1 of cannibalism--an average of 5.2 atrocities per act, or one for every 97 lines." (Film Review) Titus Andronicus, a bloody melee filled with an orgy of gratuitous violence, scornful revenges and dreadful tragedies was written by the great author, William Shakespeare. This story revolves around a noble man Titus Andronicus, who returns after defeating the Goths in a brutal battle and is immediately put under intense pressure. He is faced with a dilemma, either to preserve traditions or look after the city's welfare. In all three cases, Titus makes fatal mistakes, where he loses his nobility, pride and life. Firstly, Titus sacrifices Tamora's son, then chooses Saturninus as the new emperor and lastly, brings Aaron to Rome as a prisoner.
             The first of Titus" fatal mistakes takes place when he decides to preserve the tradition of victory by sacrificing a body on behalf of the Roman cause. Thus, Titus chooses his greatest prisoner, Alarbus, who is Tamora's son, to be sacrificed. Titus" ambition is expressed in these short phrases where he is caught talking to Tamora, "I give him you, the noblest that survives, the eldest son of this distressed queen." (Act 1, Scene 1) Tamora pleads for her son's life but is ignored by Titus who chops off his limbs and throws them into the fire. Following this incident, Tamora is deluged with anger and hatred for Titus. Arguably, Alarbus" scarification leads to the rape and ravishment of Lavinia because Tamora hunted for revenge on Titus. Not only does this adherence to tradition lead to the harassment of Lavinia, but also the downfall of Titus" character and leads to his death.
             Before his essential mistakes, Titus was regarded as a man with nobility, dignity and decency. This all changed after Titus decided to preserve another tradition in which he choose the elder, but wicked son to succeed the throne of the late emperor.

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