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Emmaneul Joseph Sieys

             Born at Frejus in Provence, on May 3,1748, abjured to the Christian faith.
             Attended school at Sorbonne in Paris in hopes of an ecclesiastical career.
             Died on June 20, 1836 at the age of eighty-eight .
             Noteworthy Achievements.
             French Abbe a statesman who was one of the chief theorists of the French Revolution and an architect of the coup that replaced the directory of the Consulate.
             He supported individual rights and civil equality, but not absolute political equality.
             In 1780 rose to Vicar general.
             In 1788 was Chancellor.
             In 1789 wrote the pamphlet What is the Third Estate? .
             In 1789-1795 he served in several legislatures.
             National Legislature.
             National Assembly.
             National Convention.
             In June of 1790 he was elected to the post of fortnightly president of the Constitution Assembly.
             In 1792 he voted for the death sentence of Louis XVI.
             In 1795 the five-man directory started ruling.
             In 1795 He was on the Committee of Public Safety for six months.
             In 1798 he was sent to Berlin to induce Prussia to make common cause with France and failed.
             In May of 1799 Sieyes was elected apart of the five-man directory in place of J.F. Reubell, and helped engineer a revolt against the government (a coup d"etat) which brought Napoleon Bonaparte to power.
             In 1804 he was nominated grand officer of the Legion of Honor.
             In April of 1814, he voted against Napoleon, and accepted his seat in the Chamber of Peers during the Hundred Days in 1815.
             In 1830 after the revolution he returned to France where he died. .
             What is the Third Estate?.
             "Everything, What has it been hitherto in the political order? Nothing, What does it desire? To be something.".

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