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Juvenile Delinquency

             Over the past ten years juvenile delinquency has become rampant.
             Children are having problems coping with everyday life. In our society today there are many things to occupy a child's mind. But yet some still aren't satisfied with the normality of everyday life. Juvenile delinquency is becoming an epidemic.
             Today children turn to drugs and crime for enjoyment. The family households are not as stable as they used to be. Some children may be experiencing physical, mental, and sexual abuse, and may be acting out the only way they know how. Some psychiatrists believe that the parents are to blame. Others think that the new generation of children are influenced by the things that they see on television and video games. Many child behavioral experts agree that young people today are very high maintenance.
             Theft is the most common offense committed by children. More serious property crimes and rape are committed in their later youth. The causes of such behavior, like those of crime in general, are found in a complex of psychological, social, and economic factors. The second most common offense is drug abuse. The most commonly used drug by juveniles is alcohol. Approximately one in four tenth grade students and one third of twelfth graders report having had five or more drinks on at least one occasion. Children are also abusing over the counter cold medicine. They take four to five times the recommended dosage and it has a hallucinogenic effect.
             Today many steps are being taken to try and combat the problem of juvenile delinquency. Many parents are sending their children off to boot camp. There they are met with rough and overbearing treatment. Many drill sergeants use scare tactics to bring the children back to reality. They are also made to do a rigorous morning workout and conditioning. Some parents go the easy way and send their children to rehabilitation. It is not a tough place for the children.

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