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Pageant Moms

            Pageant Moms: Ridiculously Overbearing or Wrongly Ridiculed.
             Beauty Pageants have been around longer than the students and faculty at West Virginia University. Along with beauty pageants, there is always what people call the "pageant moms". Everyone has seen or heard of them, for example, the mothers that are waiting right off stage to inform their painted face daughters of how horrible of a job they did, and watches the other girls with a close eye so she knows just what she is up against, notice I said, what she is up against, not the daughter. It seems as if these pageant moms are in the pageants themselves, not their daughters. In this research essay, I plan to reveal how much of a negative effect pageant moms do have on their daughters, and how the label "pageant moms" fits their type very well. How their type can literally cause serious problems for their daughters later, whether or not they may have won their pageants, when they get older they will think back and wonder why they were never good enough for their mother. I set out to prove that, not only are "pageant moms" completely obsessive, overbearing, perfectionist, but they are also helping to destroy their daughter's lives, values, and morals along the way.
             Within most of the research found, there was a mention of JonBenet Ramsey, the six-year-old pageant queen that was murdered, and yet to this day there is no murderer. What does JonBenet have to do with "pageant moms" you may ask, she has brought attention to the "pageant moms" and the pageant world where it should be. Her death was a sad tragedy that everyone wishes wouldn't have happened, but at the same time, JonBenet's death has brought somewhat of ease and happiness to some. For instance, there was hardly any talk about pageants or "pageant moms", the term was used vaguely to describe the mother of a girl in a pageant, but after Ramsey's death, it brought the true definition of "pageant moms" into the public eye, and also opened America's eyes to what pageants really are made of.

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