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Tales Ogf Burning Love

            In America, women are members of the immigrant society or minority society but they also are considered a double minority because they are women. Women of this country, made up of multi-cultures, have had to deal with the discrimination brought over from their country of origin as well as those established in the early year of this country's history. They have used literature as a vehicle to teach their fellowman, of the injustice of discrimination. Through their writings they have explored their countries of origins as well as, learn to understand what their lives mean. I am going to use the lives of Aniza Yeziebska the America immigrant writer of the Bread Givers and Louise Erdrich Native American writer of the American Horse . Through these women I am going to show how they have used their writings to inform the world of the great injustice done to women in a world that discriminates against women as well as people that are different from the dominant culture. I am going to show a world where if you were different you were made to feel less than. In a struggle to assimilate these women found who they were, strong incredible members of the human race. .
             Yeziebska was a Jewish American immigrant, there is a conflict about some of the early details of her life. In the revised introduction to Bread Givers by Alice Kessler Harris, Harris say that Yerzieska was born in Plotsk, Poland in the late eighteen hundreds, and in 1890 when she was about eight years old she immigrated to America with her mother and father and eight sisters and brothers through Ellis Island. Yezierska"s daughter, Louise Levitas Henriksen writes in her biography, that Yezierska came from Plotsk and her family came through the earlier immigrant processing station called Castle Gardens ( ) . The critic Diane Levenberg, says that the facts are "murky", but that she knows for sure the arrival date is 1901 and Levenbergs fact are different still.

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