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The Red Air Fighter

            Manfred Von Richthofen a Cavalry Officer in Germany army is the author of the book titled "The Red Air Fighter". He was born in Schwednitz in Germany in 1882. He was a fighter pilot on the Western Front in 1916. Richthofen an excellent fighter shot down fifteen aircraft in his days and became commander of this own unit. He also became the most famous war ace in Germany.
             This book's information itself is 85 years old but the age does not effect the material informed in the book. This book talks about the author's life and his victories and how he came about to achieving it. This book is for readers who are interested in learning about the past and how it affected the future. It gives first person views of what life of a famous and infamous ace of World War I was like. The author describes his upbringing his training his exploits in the air, colorful stories in his time off.
             The layout of the book keeps the reader interested and its usage of vocabulary is for laymen. One should approach this work with a neutral mind and allow the piece to fall where they may. Anyone who can read can have the experiences that author had during his life in the time of the war. This book is straightforward, blunt style of writing allows the pages to flow quickly. The author mainly uses his own life experience to express his view and involvements in the war. He started out from being and observer and worked his way through becoming the commander of his unit. He was one of the best air fighters in Germany. One of the most interesting part of the book in on page 103. He has dedicated a whole page to his dog "Moritz". He talks about the things that he use to do and the true friendship between a man and his best friend. The book it self is no too long but it touches all the aspects of the author's life.
             In this book the author gives and insight on how the war was fought and the danger one has to go through to reach his or her victory.

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