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The Rocket

             Our rocket has been aerodynamically constructed to make it fly faster, smoother and further. Additions that we have made to our 2litre coke bottle are: we added another coke bottlenose to make it more aerodynamically shaped, with a weighted, torpedo-shaped cork inserted in the bottle opening, for more weight to make it heavier, so it's balanced and not too light, so it moves smoothly through the air and not blown about in the wind. It's important that the rocket is weighted correctly. If it's too heavy it falls straight to the ground, where as if it's too light it doesn"t have any balance and moves about. We have three wings, which are spaced at equal distance apart along the circumference of the rocket. These wings give it balance and help it fly smoothly through the air.
             "The Launch Pad".
             Our launch, like our rocket, has also been adjusted to make the rocket fly further, smoother and faster. We have raised it to an angle of 43 degrees to make it take-off in the right direction. The reason we choose 43 degrees is because anything more than 45 or so would make it rise higher more than move further and anything below 40 or so wouldn"t get it high enough off the ground to make it fly far. We also used two thin rods, which are raised and placed along the launch pad, so there is less friction on these two rods, than there would have been on a plain flat surface. Our launch pad has been placed on hinges for moveability, concerning the weather conditions, (ie. if too windy, angle will be lower; and if no wind, angle will be higher.) as well as for easy storage.

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