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To Be or Not to Be...Sane?

             In the psyche of a person considered to be functioning normally, one sees a balance of emotions and rationality. Normal functioning includes the ability to think and make logical and informed decisions. A person who functions this way has to be able to think when the time comes and react when need be. For example, if a person if presented with a significant decision, let's say whether or not to buy a new 2003 sports car, the way they react is crucial. The emotional part of the mind might want the car, but it has to be countered by the rational side that might say that with a new baby on the way, a sports car is not the smartest investment. With the two sides in disagreement, a compromise must be made - instead of a shiny new sports car, settle for an older-modeled, sporty-looking car that still has room for baby. .
             The issue with the sports car is a typical example of how a normally functioning person makes decisions. The emotional and rational sides of the mind are able to make a decision independent of one another, while at the same time, are still able to work together to come to a compromise. The two sides of the psyche do not work for each other, meaning that the decision made is a result of a compromise between the two sides, not just one assuming what the other would want. The rational part of the mind does not assume what the emotional side wants; instead, both sides have a say. Also notice that both sides have an equal amount of input. In order for the psyche to be in balance, neither the emotional nor the rational side can overpower the other. Both sides have to contribute an equal amount; otherwise, any decision made will not be fair.
             Having a normally functioning psyche is not something that is afforded to everyone. Some people are more emotionally dominant, while others are more rationally dominant. There are others, however, who cannot keep their rational and emotional sides separate.

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