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To Kill A Mockingbird

             In the novel to kill a mockingbird, Scout learns valuable lessons on prejudice in the town Maycomb, on the nature of courage, and on the dangers of judging others "before climbing into their skin and walking around in it." (Lee 33). Set in the mid 1930's, Scout is a young girl living with her older brother Jem and her lawyer father Atticus. Growing up Scout learns many important things. Although the majority of Maycomb is prejudiced, Scout remains open and caring for all. She believes that everyone is equal.
             One of the important roles in Scout life is her father. Atticus is a small town lawyer and single parent. He tries to teach his children from right and wrong. He lives his life as he would like his children to live theirs. He gives everyone in Maycomb the respect they deserve regardless of their skin color. He proves this by defending a black man accused of raping a white woman. He teaches Scout and Jem that everybody deserves respect whether they are white or black. He also considers the black cook to be a part of their family and refuses to fire her when Scout aunt wants him to. .
             Through everyday life Scout is able to realize what it means to be courageous. In the beginning of the novel, Scout encounters her neighbor who often shouted and criticized them. One day Jem cuts the top off her camellia bush in a fit of temper. Atticus finds out and orders him to apologize. His punishment had to read for one hour everyday for a month to Mrs. Dubose, the neighbor. Scout also goes with him. Later in the book Mrs. Dubose passes away from cancer. Atticus explains that she acted the way she did because of the pain she was. As a result, Jem and Scout learned about death and gained an understanding of Mrs. Dubose and the person she was. .
             When Scout and Jem met Dill things became more exciting. After hearing gruesome tales of Boo Radley from Jem, Dill thinks up games about Boo. Although they were for fun in the beginning they later taught them about respect.

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