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The Glass Menagerie

             If we take a good look at our lives or the people around us or the one who have lived in past we can clearly see that there is always an object or something around the character that symbolizes something and those symbols are the best way of who that person is or how we can describe them. At the same time there are always some ways that all human use to escape from their problems. In the story The Glass Menagerie which was written by Tennessee William we can truly see the sign of all the above. He has used symbolizing to the best of his ability in this story on order to describe the characters of his story. The story is about a family of three who live in a small town during the Great Depression and each one have totally different personality. William shows symbolism throughout the whole story in order to describe the characteristic of the players and he also describes the way each one choose to escape from their problems and he have tries his best to proves that this is a perfect example of a dysfunctional family.
             One of the main characters in the story is Amanda, the mother of the family. William has used a lot of different symbols to describe her to his audience. According to Signi Falk "Amanda believes that Christian adults should be concerned with things of the mind and spirit" Even the name that he have chosen for this character is part of symbolism Amanda which if we take the first letter apart looks like it saying A Man which describe her characteristic a lot. First of all it can mean that she is being the man of the house since the father is gone or it can also prove the fantasy she have about guys because that's all she talks about. I believe throughout the whole story Man is the best word used to symbolize her as a person and can be use to describe her characteristic in two different ways. One is that she feels guilty about the father being gone so she feels like in addition of being the mom in the family she also have to play the man of the house since the father is gone.

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