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Tv Rating System: Good Or Bad For Today's Society?

            In today's society, many children contain a television in their bedrooms.
             problem is do parents really know or have the time to spend monitoring what their.
             children watch? With jobs and taking care of the family they don't have the time nor the.
             patience. A new solution was manifested, a rating system that will appear on the screen.
             of the show that your child is watching. The problem is whether the new rating system is.
             a solution or just another dilemma. There are many glitches to this system. Such.
             pressures faced when creating the system are the needs for a rating system, certain.
             general negative points, and the actual detailed rating system itself. Children's parents.
             and guardians need to know about problems that they will not hear from the media or.
             marketing personnel who created it.
             When the system was created last summer, the broadcasters aceted to pressure.
             from a coalition of advocacy groups and a nudge from the white house. According to.
             chart 1, 40.7% of all children have a television in their bedroom. With this expanding.
             number of broadcast and cable channels and the expanding number of television sets in.
             the home, kids can now watch violent adult dramas and sex-tinged situation comedies.
             almost any time of the day. This is one of the key reasons why broadcasters acceded to.
             the pressure from the coalition groups. Another pressure was what are the broadcasters.
             going to use for representation. Initially, an age based system was devised that mimicked.
             the ratings used for movies. But this system was criticized as being inadequate from.
             coalition groups. They argued that parents need more specific information about the.
             contents of programs specifically violence, sex, and language. From these pressures.
             faced, broadcasters did have the time to create a formal system. .
             As of today their are many negative points to this system. The system is said to be.
             inherently subjective and necessarily incomplete. With no indication of the context for.

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