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            Twister was a great movie that managed to fool a lot of normal people with special effects. Although to a person that knows a little about weather it may have seemed a bit far-fetched and unrealistic. If you look closely at details in the movie you can pick up on errors and find information that you can draw conclusions to.
             In estimating the strength of the tornado I would most likely categorize it under F1 or F2 intensity because of the wind speed they said the tornado was traveling. I also judged my opinion on what I saw flying around in the air and what I didn't see. In reality I would not agree with the movie because they said it to be a F2 and F3 intensity. If this was an accurate large uprooted tree and possible houses would have hit the truck they were in. Not to mention the truck would have been thrown off the road and into the air.
             The discrepancies and errors that I came to notice in our "Hollywood" tornado were practically common sense mistakes. First, I realized that a cow was floating in mid air and the truck was barley shaking from the wind. Next, they said the wind speed was traveling between 40 and 150 mph and having a F2 or F3 intensity. If you refer to any fujita scale, wind speed between 40 and 150 mph would be classified as possible F1 or F2. Finally, I also noticed that it was barely raining at times. A tornado this strong should have put out a massive amount of heavy rain and large hail particles pounding the truck. Yet, all it portrayed was a slight rain that the windshield wipers took care of aimlessly. .
             There were many actions by the movie storm chasers that were dangerous but yet they defined them as standard safety precautions. A major one I noticed was the fact that they got extremely close to the tornado. If that were real the man driving would have put himself and the two girls lives in serious danger. Tracking a storm at such close distance is suicidal and they should not come within 50 feet of the tornado.

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