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Movie Analysis: Good Will Hunting

1. What self-defeating habit patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior does Will exhibit? (Ch. 6) I think one self-defeating habit is the way Will acted in the beginning of the movie with his counselor. When they first met, Mr. Maguire attempted to shake Will’s hand and Will wanted to get straight right to the appointment. During the appointment, Will would comment on other things to distract Mr. Maguire from talking about his feelings. Will also becomes blunt when he is trying to not get in detailed about himself. He also would jump to different topics so he could defend his feelings. When they talked about the painting, Will found a weak spot in Mr.Maguire. He started disrespecting Mr.Maguire’s deceased wife and the painting. 2. What limiting core beliefs does Will have to himself and other people? (Ch. 6) He believes that everyone is


Leadership and Communication

Introduction The Merriam Webster dictionary defines communication as "the act or process of using words, sounds, signs or behavior to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings to someone else." Based on this definition, one can say that words are not only the way communication is attained in any given environment. In today’s business world, we also experience communication through technology, corporate culture just to mention a few. Transformational leaders rely heavily on their oratory skills in order to articulate a vision and to create meaning (Howell & Frost, 1989). They are skilled at communicating and using language, images, symbols, and metaphors. They utilize nonverbal behaviors to influence their followers. It is clear that the ability to craft and communicate an inspirational vision is critical to the success of a firm. Still, leaders need to be aware of the fact they can communicate the same message and identical communications can generate different responses among various fo


Of Mice and Men - Lennie's Perfect World

Society will only permit so much volatility resulting death and destruction before taking action to correct the problem. The short story Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, shows a pair of young men struggling to fit in a new workplace. The main character, Lennie, portrays an extreme childish nature, lack of intelligence and an overly strong body that proves a deadly combination. Lennie seems to constantly make poor decisions and acts inappropriately without the ability to understand why. The remorse for the results of Lennie’s actions seems to haunt him and cause him to dream of a more perfect world. Another supporting character, George is seemingly and consistently dealing with his friend Lennie’s unfortunate acts simply by association. After reading just halfway through this book it becomes obvious Lennie will continue to escalate to more violent actions. In the beginning of the book, you figure Lennie's personality is of a gentle nature as he looks for things to comfort himself. As the story progresses, you realize Lennie is really a grown man with a five-year-olds intellect. When Lennie feels under pressure he tends to overrea


Is the Death Penalty the Best Solution?

The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is an authorized practice by the government under the terms of which a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime that they have committed. According to Deathpenalty.org, there are many methods of execution. They are lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, firing squad and hanging. But today most states only practice the method of lethal injection and it is the most modern way of execution. Three drugs are used in lethal injection. They are injected in the body to cause a certain reaction. For example, a drug called Potassium Chloride is injected into the body to stop the heart from beating. This drug is usually the last drug injected out of the other two drugs and it causes the person to die suddenly. Three articles that I have read that are against the death penalty are “Death Penalty fails to equal Retribution” by Anna Quindlen, “A Hanging” by George Orwell and “Death Row” by William Styron.


Dissertation on K-Pop Music

Chapter 1: Introduction While PSY’s viral sensation Gangnam Style may have opened the floodgates of K-pop to mainstream consciousness worldwide, it is not indicative of the phenomenon itself by any means. Yes, it possesses the synthesizer and bassline driven electro-pop sound that K-pop is known for. It also possesses a “point dance,” an extremely recognisable piece of choreography that becomes attached to a K-pop song by the consuming public, in the form of the “horse riding dance.” Despite these ingredients, this dissertation would argue that PSY does not represent K-pop. It will identify and discuss the general characteristics of K-pop, focusing on elements of sound, look and “family friendly” content. In this introductory chapter, I first outline the general context of my research topic, and the question addressed in this dissertation. I then outline the theoretical framework I will draw from and the methodology applied to study and analyse selected examples of K-po


Technology Transfer from Academia to Enterprises

1. Introduction The basic role of the university and public, academic environment, which also includes faculty as parts of universities, was for many years focused on two main activities - education and research. Slowly it began to emerge and assert a third main business faculties or universities, and this is the transfer of knowledge and technologies. The aim of the third main dejanosti universities enrichment of society, and to raise the competitiveness of the economy and its activity rapidly create jobs, raise the competitiveness of the economy, creating new businesses, new products to market and establish an effective two-way flow of information.Finally, it also has its university benefits from these activities, in particular by enriching the knowledge acquired by the direct experience of the economy and the involvement of researchers from the economy.Colleges & Universities, also, to obtain other sources of funding for its activities, and consequently also important to relieve the


San Luis Obispo County Research Paper

San Luis Obispo County, or SLO, was incorporated February 18, 1850, and is home to many great landmarks including Hearst Castle, Morro Bay, and Grover/Pismo State Dunes. I found that there are five seats on the Board of Supervisors. Frank Mecham is the supervisor for District 1 which includes Paso Robles, Templeton, and San Miguel. Bruce Gibson is the supervisor for District 2 which includes Morro Bay, Cambria, and Cayucos. The District 3 Supervisor and Vice Chairman of the board are Adam Hill, and his district includes the cities of Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, and San Luis Obispo. The District 4 Supervisor Lynn Compton also serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors and her district includes Oceano, Arroyo Grande, and Nipomo. The 5th and the final district is supervised by Debbie Arnold and includes the cities of Atascadero, xSanta Margarita, and Creston. The top 5 agricultural products are strawberries, wine grapes, cattle, broccoli, and transplant vegetable, in that ord


Psychology Paper - Memory and Daydreams

Daydreams are a part of waking consciousness and for some people, daydreaming may take up half their free time. From the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, an article entitled, “Daydreaming Style Moderates the Relation Between Working Memory and Mind Wandering: Integrating Two Hypotheses” by David Marcussen-Clavertz and Etzel Cardena from Lund University and Devin Blair Terhune from the University of Oxford state their findings in an experiment that researchers the effects of how certain daydreams have an impact on executive processes. Previous hypotheses that related to daydreaming and its effect on the conscious mind involved contradicting results and therefore, these researchers set out to find the relation between the two. The first, control-failure hypothesis states that “mind wandering is interpreted as a form of attentional lapse more likely to occur in individuals with low executive resources,” (Marcusson-Clavertz, Cardena, & Terhune,


Secrets of the Human Brain

The brain is an amazing 1.4 kilogram organ that controls all functions of the body; in fact, it controls every aspect of our lives. Intelligence, creativity, emotion, and memory are a few of the many things governed by the brain. It contains one hundred billion nerve cells (neurons). All these neurons are responsible for all our movements, actions even our personality and mood, and like small impulses they transmit from our brain to any part of our body making us do or feel something. We’ve learned more about human brain in the last 5 years than during the 5000 years before this. And despite the fact that humanity has a huge amount of knowledge about brain the situation is still not clear. If you ask any scientist what secrets he/she has revealed about our brain, than they will probably answer that the only revealed secret is that we can never actually discover the whole power and abilities of our brain. Brain consists of 78% water, 15% fat, 7% protein etc. It seems really simple, doesn’t


Once There Was a War by John Steinbeck

Garrett Taylor Over seventy years ago, no one knew that they would fighting in the biggest war this world has ever seen. World War II saw the deaths of millions of people throughout Europe, North Africa and the Pacific. John Steinbeck's Once There Was a War illustrates his personal, nonfiction account of the war as a correspondent in the United States military. Whether it was during the London blitz, training in North Africa, or with the military in Italy, Steinbeck shapes a unique understanding of World War II by illustrating the emotional impact this vigorous war had on the soldiers and civilians. Steinbeck's first account as a correspondent was during the London blitz while illustrating the lives of the soldiers and civilians more than the blitz itself. Before heading overseas, the soldiers said their goodbyes and crowded on to a ship, not knowing if they would make it back home (13). Each soldier, consisting of clerks, farmers, salesmen, students, laborers, and technicians,


Jamila Raqib: Ted Talk Analysis

While many people may think of violence as the type of resistance that can truly create change, history has proven otherwise. Throughout the years, non-violent action has proven to be effective more often than not, as discussed by the Afghani Jamila Raqib in her Ted Talk. Raqib smartly chose to communicate with her audience through Ted Talks, since they are free, easily accessible and aren’t time-consuming. In her speech, Raqib aims to convince her audience of the power of non-violent resistance by using different approaches such as sympathy to heighten their emotion, known figures to strengthen her argument, and evidence to appeal to their logic. Starting off her speech, Raqib gains her audience’s sympathy and establishes her credibility and authority by narrating some miserable episodes about her childhood. She appealed to her audience’s sympathy by opening up about her past in Afghanistan and living in a battle field since she was only six months old. Raqib’s credibility and authority were established seeing that she was born in a war zone and worked for 13 years as a teacher for controlling c


America - Building the Border Wall

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” – Emma Lazarus. The Statue of Liberty poem is signaling everyone who wants to come to the United States. The U.S. Presidency is debating on whether to build border walls and immigration restrictions. We have to figure out a balance for this “freedom’ that our Statue of Liberty poem expresses with the need to regulate the numbers of those who are allowed to immigrate to our country each year. The impact of building border walls and immigration restrictions on the ideal of “freedom” expressed in the Statue of liberty would be good and bad. It would most definitely have its pros and cons in this case. But if I were to choose whether to build a wall or not and have immigration restrictions I would have to say no. The building of the border walls and having immigration restrictions has its advantages. The wall would keep out terrorists who are wanting to come to the United States and cause mischief


We are More Like Sisters

I can clearly remember the day my best friend, Lannah Tamborello, moved to Chicago. It feels as if it were just yesterday, the grief we both felt. We still smiled all day that day, just to keep each other from crying. But as soon as I got into my car, and drove away from her house, I broke down. That was the moment it all became so surreal. Lannah and I figured out there was a slight possibility she would be moving because of a new opening for a job her dad was entitled to. We didn’t think anything of it at the time, we just went on about our day as we usually did. That was until the end of the school year. We both became extremely anxious, waiting for her dad’s interview feedback. Then summer came, and I immediately left for Missouri, and we still hadn’t heard anything. Then Lannah left for Dallas-- still nothing, and


The Importance of Earth Science

People have many views on how important earth science is in comparison to other branches of knowledge. To determine if earth science is a supreme form of knowledge we must first determine what knowledge is. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary knowledge is “the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association” it also defines it as the “understanding of a science, art, or technique.” Therefore, in order for something to be considered as knowledge it must be true to the person that has that knowledge and be able to speak about it with easiness when asked about it. We also have to determine what earth science is, the Oxford dictionary defines it as “the branch of science dealing with physical constitution of the earth and its atmosphere.” Some of the elements earth science deals with are geology, oceanography, and meteorology. Earth science is important for many reasons. Scientists use the knowledge of this science to de


Finding Peace with Centering Prayer

Centering prayer is something many or all should go to. As a college student, going to events like these seem really boring and time-consuming. You look at a centering prayer and think, “Man this is going to be the longest 30 minutes of my life.” All that changed once I actually went. Dr. Quantz came in and had all these candles with a bowl and a bell type of thing. She made us pick out a paper from the bowl and they all had a different word. These words had no meaning whatsoever, which made me think why are we getting them? Then she explained Dr. Quantz told us that those papers had no meaning to us and that we wouldn’t know what they meant. She said it was to relax our mind from any other thought. During the time of prayer, we would only think about our word assigned. Truthfully I can’t remember what my word was, but it was a weird one. She then told us to lay our hands flat, whether it be on the arms of the


China's Economic Rise and Fall

The continuous rise of China has undoubtedly been one of the great dramas in the beginning of the twenty-first century. The extraordinary economic growth in China and their active diplomacy have already transformed East Asia. What we have yet to see is if China’s continued rise will increase their power and influence in the decades to come. China’s presence on the world stage has drastically increased and has left many researches perplexed about the consequences of its rise. There exists a plethora of studies, debating whether China’s current path is one that is headed to the top, or whether China is a the precipice of its development with looming declines in the near future, plagued by weak institutional reforms. There are many features that characterize Chinas future direction, this paper will analyze those features and predictions that are more likely to be correct and those predictions that are more likely to be wrong. Among the predications that are more likely to be wrong


The Perfect Cell Phone: Android or iPhone?

INTRODUCTION Android is better than iPhone for all of your cell phone needs. It is more user-friendly, more app friendly, easier to repair, and just all around better. The iPhone is better only with the camera which is better quality and is actually used by some photographer. iPhone also has better privacy settings and more software updates. Both have many qualities in common such as a wide variety of apps and accessories. The storage is similar on both other than the fact that Android’s storage can be expanded with a microSD card. 81.5% of smartphones globally are Androids. SIMILARITIES Android and iPhone have a few similarities. They both have a large amount of base internal storage. They both have a wide variety of applications, both paid and free. They both have good quality cameras. Android and iPhone both have a wide variety of cases with an endless supply of designs and a wide variety of accessories. They have similar apps with different names. They both have multitasking ca


There is More to This Life

Life is filled with lessons that can make or break us. As life goes on, these lessons show up when they are least expected, but often have much to teach us. At the age of 17, I made a tragic mistake that changed my outlook on life. It’s extremely difficult to forgive myself for my actions, but I am more than grateful that I made a negative situation, a positive one. When I’m in a depressed state I embrace it, because in the end I know I will become stronger and a lesson learned! During the summer of 2014, I was dating a girl by the name of Amber. At the time Amber and I were dating for eight months. Amber was a beautiful young lady, her skin glistened golden under the warming light of the sun. She had dirty blond hair, and crystal blue eyes that were as clear as Cancun waters. That summer I had gone on vacation to North Carolina with my family. When down there I was keeping in contact with a friend by the name of Kathy. Kathy had always had feelings towards me, and I liked that, it made me feel


Dangerous Ideas - Steven Pinker

“Did Native Americans engage in genocide and despoil the landscape? Would society be better off if heroin and cocaine were legalized? Would Africa have a better chance of rising out of poverty if it hosted more polluting industries or accepted Europe’s nuclear waste? Would lives be saved if we instituted a free market in organs for transplantation?” (Pinker 530). Steven Pinker, a scholar, philosopher, and professor at Harvard University starts an article titled “In Defense of Dangerous Ideas” with these and many other questions and ideas most people would consider controversial, offensive, or shocking. Pinker describes these questions as “dangerous ideas.” According to Pinker, “dangerous ideas” are “Statements of fact or policy that are defended with evidence and argument by serious scientists and thinkers but which are felt to challenge the collective decency of age” (530). From Pinker’s perspective, these are ideas society is quick to censor and disparage, Pi


Comedy at the Edge: How Stand-Up in the 1970s Changed America

“Comedy at the Edge: How Stand-Up in the 1970s Changed America,” is a book by Richard Zoglin and he uses it to show how a wave of artistic innovation grew and how it continues to influence American comedy even during this 21st century. The 1970s in America was a period of stand-up comedy which he describes as a process of rupture, experimentation, and reintegration into mainstream society. His main aim is to show how stand-up comedy had been absorbed into mass culture. His book offers some fun surprises as well as insights into the stand-up period which is considered to be a very important period but which most people overlook or take for granted given its ability to influence the comic sensibilities in the United States and beyond. The main chapters of Zoglin’s book serve to chronicle the competition between new comedy clubs that sprang during the 1970s America. During this time there was a small group of brilliant and iconoclastic comedians who travelled through the country and


Historical Newspaper Notes - Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois Chicago was having issues with crime and violence in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The growth of the population weakened the ability of Chicago’s governmental system to operate effectively. Crime in the city was growing because kids were exposed to it at young ages so it was influenced on them. Gangsters and hustlers were advancing in the city, making it hard to stop the crime and enforce the law. People were getting into this because it was an easy way to make money and a living that way. If people weren’t hustling they were working a low paid job, most likely being a truck driver. Most lived this way when the Great Depression was happening because it was taking a lot out of everyone and money was hard to get. Though the government was supposed to uphold the law and justice, it wasn’t happening, causing Chicago to be a major city of crime. Then, the Chicago government tried to illegalize alcohol, which worked for awhile but after a few years the consumption rose a


Silence - The Absence of Noise

Some might consider silence to be a lack of communication; however, silence can be an extremely powerful form of communication. What cannot be expressed in speech can be expressed through body language. Silence can be defined as not having any noise at all. Silence can help portray certain things that may be odd. For example, in “When We Arrive”, silence was used to help the workers see that there was a problem with the truck they were traveling in. In some ways, silence can also be beneficial to someone’s health such as reducing stress. Being silent and keeping your thoughts to yourself can help reduce of having problems with people around you in the future. However, silence is something many people ty to avoid because it makes them feel lonely or depressed. As defined by Dictionary.com, silence is the absence of any sound or noise; stillness. As stated by ethmonline.com, silence is "muteness, state of being silent," from Old French silence "state of being silent; absence of s


Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemistry

I. INTRODUCTION Hydrocarbons are compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms. Methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6) are one of the major examples of hydrocarbons. They also belong to a subgroup of compounds called alkanes. ALKANES are hydrocarbons that do not have multiple bonds between carbon atoms, and we can indicate this in the family name and names for specific compounds by the –ane ending. Other hydrocarbons may contain double or triple bonds between their carbon atoms. ALKENES contain at least one carbon-carbon double bond, and this is indicated in the family name and names for specific compounds by an –ene ending. ALKYNES contain at least one carbon-carbon triple bond, and this is indicated in the family name and names for specific compounds by a –yne ending. AROMATIC compounds contain a special type of ring, the most common example of which is a benzene ring. There is no special ending for the general family of aromatic compounds. Hydrocarbons are the simplest organ


Urban Planning for Economic Development

Abstract Rural town planning is a key aspect of enhancing the economic partnership among the rural towns, the big urban cities and the country as a whole. The ideas that the rural town cannot promote and decide the economic status of the country have been able to dominate the areas for long. The opening of the infrastructure in these rural towns is enhanced by the rural town planning teams, and this helps to improve the economic developments. Many people tend to ignore the contribution of the rural town as part of the economic development and view the town as a burden. Nevertheless, the contribution, which is being attained due to the proper rural town planning, is great and a great participation to the economy of the concerned countries. The presence of the rural town planning enhances the building of the strengths of the industry that helps to improve the economic factors of the industry. The planning helps maintain the relation among different stakeholders (Organization for Economic


Children's Play Activity Analysis

While doing my ten-hour observations at the Children’s Development Research Center, I had the opportunity to create an activity for the students to participate in and it allowed them to engage in developmentally appropriate and stimulating experiences. The students I had ranged from the ages 3-4. It was hard to come up with something for children so young to participate in especially when there were so many children who performed at different levels. So I decided to just have them participate in the game “Simon Says”. However, I had the children take turns in being “Simon” and instead of saying “Simon Says” the child would replace Simon with their name. I thought about all the different types of play that was covered by Hughes and wanted to incorporate at least two of them into the game. So I chose to use social play and imaginative play. During this game the children were able to communicate with one another, follow rules and work together collaboratively. When one child would call out a rule such as “Bradley says hug someone” the children would immediately find someone close by to hug. They each knew that they had to hug someone and worked together to m