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What Sarah Palin Brings to McCain's Campaign

Analyzes the pros and cons of the addition of Sarah Palin to McCain's presidential campaign. What might have motivated McCain to choose such an unknown?


Why China's Tainted Milk Leads to FDA Response

To the relief of the American people, the FDA is not sitting still in the wake of the latest recall from China effecting infants.


Haqqani Under Constant Pressure by Coalition Forces

In the Khowst District, coalition forces have been targeting the Haqqani terrorist network for some time. In the past week alone several operations have been executed.


The Case for Increased Testing for Chronic Hepatitis B Virus by the CDC

The CDC has recently come out with the recommendation that medical professionals should increase routine testing in the U.S. for chronic hepatitis B.


Progress or Smoking Mirrors: Iraqi Police Open Up New Stations in Salah ad Din

An important event is happening in the Salah ad Din Province. 13 local police stations are opening their doors soon. The first of which just opened to the joy of those in the area.


Analysis of Brig. General Peter Talleri's Visit To Camp Taji

During the day of September 21st, life went on as normal for troops in Iraq, or at least normal for the area. One thing that was a little different was a visit by Brig. General Peter J. Talleri


Palin - Should a Woman Lead

When you break down the conservative 'republican' party a little further, you will find that there is a portion of the Christians in this party that are in some what of a dilemma. They want to vote for McCain, but do not feel that they can for religious reasons.


The Effects of Tourism on the Environment

Nearly everyone on the planet would love to see animals and wildlife in their natural habitat with plenty of the space and the resources they need to survive on their own. The problem is that this level of nature conservation is expensive.


Terrorism's Global Effect on Tourism

Despite the vast amount of information in mass media regarding terrorism, little service is given to the vast economic impact that terrorism has on a country. Terrorism can affect many of a nation's industries, particularly those related to tourism and travel. Particularly affected are developing and third-world countries whose national economies are frequently reliant on tourism for national income.


Breast Cancer in Men

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most people tend to think of breast cancer as a disease that strikes only women. That simply isn't the case. The number of cases of male breast cancer continues to increase at a steady rate. Therefore, it is time to educate men about the disease. This essay tells men what to look for in the way of symptoms. It also outlines the tests that may be required to make the diagnosis and outlines potential treatments if the disease is found.


The Dynamics of Politics and Power

Power and politics are often considered to be integral components in the development of the organization. Although politics and power are clearly separate entities, both are needed for the organization to effectively manage its operations.


The International Trade Simulation

Countries trade with each other because of the simple reason that countries have different types and number of resources and that the costs of using these resources also vary from country to country. These resources are land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. As each country tries to generate wealth by optimizing their available resources, each country will concentrate on and specialize in the products that they can efficiently produce from their available resources.


Winning The Decathlon Isn't Enough For Bryan Clay

Winning the Olympic Decathlon and being considered the "best athlete in the world" isn't enough for Bryan Clay. He's now more concerned with helping underprivileged students and sharing his Christian faith.


How The Internet Is Shaping Independent Music

The internet is changing the major label music structure. It is no longer necessary to have a contract to release an album. Independent music is booming due to the power of the internet.


Bail Out By U.S. is Wise Investment

US citizens are outraged by the bank bailout that costs every tax payer thousands during already difficult economic times. However, this essay shows what people need to see is that in the short term the federal government is taking on a large debt, but in the long run they could actually be gaining a large sum.


Local Farmers Get Boost Because of Gas Prices

In today's economy crisis with high fuel prices and banking woes, there is something positive that may come out of it.


Gas Prices Forcing Some To Be Unemployed

The economy has forced many Americans into unemployment. Rising costs in gas and essential items have resulted in some staying home in order to cut costs.


China's Post-Olympic Dilemma

China pulled off what is arguably one of the most impressive Olympic Games perhaps ever. From opening ceremony to the final event, the world was witness to some of the greatest spectacles ever associated with the Olympics. However, the bask in glory and accomplishment has been short lived due to the deaths of several infants from poisoned formula.


Collective Action and International Trade

In a world where economics and politics are increasingly interdependent on an international level, the collective actions of one a given group can greatly affect the economic and political stability of states around the world. Groups participating in a collective action are not always seeking a certain, common good or service.


The CDC Takes Action Against the MRSA Skin Infection

The CDC is in the process of a new initiative to get the word out about MRSA. MRSA, as most will remember, is a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, and is often found in hospitals and other health facilities.


Offshore Drilling: What Happened to Going Green?

Renewable energy has been at the forefront of the media and minds of Americans more than ever before. Surprisingly, even with the focus turned to going green worldwide, it still seems that we are seeing a startling net increase in the emissions of the greenhouse gas.


Is Offshore Drilling Worth the Price?

To most the restrictions to offshore drilling is what promotes the economic hardships we face today, and if allowed to Drill, Drill, Drill American problems would be reduced. However, looking closely at what is at stake with offshore drilling, we first need to ask ourselves whether or not offshore drilling is worth it.


The MS13 Gang's Charlotte Training Camp

Their gang is one that is controlled from El Salvador, and it has been decided by those in charge that the local organizations might need a little more training.


Is WWIII Imminent?

With all the conflicts going on around the world, one election could be the difference between WWIII or not. Who the U.S. chooses as their leader could effect the entire world


Collectible Action's Effect on International Trade

In a world where economics and politics are increasingly interdependent on an international level, the collective actions of one a given group can greatly affect the economic and political stability of states around the world. Groups participating in a collective action are not always seeking a certain, common good or service.