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Haqqani Under Constant Pressure by Coalition Forces

            In the Khowst District, coalition forces have been targeting the Haqqani terrorist network for some time. In the past week alone several operations have been executed.
             The first operation of last week was with the Afghan National Police and Coalition forces, where they captured two individuals and killed others during an operation targeting the Haqqani terrorist system in the Sabari District. The goal was to capture those Haqqani militants working with multiple Haqqani subcommanders to place IED's for attacks.
             Armed terrorists fired upon Coalition and Police forces as they approached the area. Using AK-47s, the militants attacked as they came out of the buildings. Forces requested that the individuals cease fire and surrender, but they refused and attempted to fire upon forces again. Airstrikes were called in to help deal with the situation in keeping the militants from coming closer to the military forces. Small arms fire was then used to bring an end to the stand off, and several suspected Haqqani terrorists were killed. Two were captured.
             In the Qalandar District, three militants were held during an operation by Coalition forces aimed at a Haqqani subcommander thought to be funding and organizing attacks, and also helping with distribution of foreign fighters around the area. On the same day, in the second operation of the Sabari District, a believed militant was the target of military forces. He was under suspicion of organizing the placing of IEDs among Haqqani terrorists in the Khowst region. The military forces were able to capture 5 individuals during that operation.
             One armed militant was killed by Coalition and Afghan National Police during one of the last operations of the past week. A compound was what was on the Coalition's radar due to a suspicion of the occupants harboring Haqqani militants. When the area was stormed, an armed man tried to fire upon the soldiers.

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