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Collective Action and International Trade

             In a world where economics and politics are increasingly interdependent on an international level, the collective actions of one a given group can greatly affect the economic and political stability of states around the world. Groups participating in a collective action are not always seeking a certain, common good or service. In many cases, individuals are part of a collective action simply for the sake of the action, whether it be for philanthropic purposes or as a means to solidify an individual's ties to a certain aspect of his or her identity. Collective action has a definite influence on trade, whether the individuals involved in the collective action are aware that they are working as a group or not. Furthermore, a hegemonic state has an even wider influence on international trade, as it becomes the mouthpiece for the collective action of the group. (Jones 2007).
             Individuals and Hegemonies: There Effects on International Trade Through Collective Action.
             The role of collective action on trade is unquestionable. If even a small group of people begin to boycott a certain brand or product, the effect is felt around the globe because of the intertwined nature of international trade. Although a boycott of sorts in an example of where the individuals would understand that they are affecting trade, there are even situations where individuals are taking collective action without even realizing it. Say that a new cell phone carrier dramatically improves their coverage all over a country. Suddenly that carrier is growing and the competitors are suffering. With the globalization of any economy, this simple market shift will be felt around the world. Collective action then, makes an individual's actions become amplified and extended, whether they realize it or not. To further illustrate this point, if one person at a company starts a strike, the company is very unlikely to notice or change their policies at all.

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