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How The Internet Is Shaping Independent Music

            Today's music scene is changing drastically. Many buyers and even makers of music question the future of music. Digital technology is changing how we buy and sell music. Nowadays it is no longer a requirement to be signed to a label to get music out to the world and collecting one's royalties.
             Everyday, songwriters are coming up with new ideas and new twists and sometimes those ideas may not be heard. Those vary ideas may be the music we"re looking for to complete our iPod collections. .
             As the studio formats change, the vary programs producers use such as Cubase and Pro Tools are publicly available at stores like Guitar Center. Musician's can find and buy everything they need to set up an in-home studio and begin their music careers, all by using the Internet. .
             Using the Internet, musician's have access to various websites giving tips and tricks to produce and mix their recordings. Sound bytes can be found online and manipulated to the artist's liking. Manufacturers of software offer thousands of downloads to get the song to the right level of perfection. With a click of a button, individual sound patches are downloaded, installed to the programs being used and then are used to create the next wave of music. Digital instruments can be fully purchased or leased for a certain amount of time.
             Websites have been launched and are becoming more and more popular to market and distribute records. Sites such as Tunecore.com and CDBaby.com have changed musician's lives, allowing them to post such music on digital retailers such as iTunes and Napster, and even have them pressed and sent directly to Best Buy stores. A fee is charged for services and using the Internet, artists digitally send their pictures and album inserts information along with high quality MP3 versions of their songs to the site. From there, the songs are placed in order online where music lovers can find and buy songs and albums.
             Just how are these songs found though? The Internet has transformed our lives to a more social connection.

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