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The Subordinate Strange "Savage" versus the Superior Success

            The Subordinate Strange "Savage" versus the Superior Success Seeker.
             The analysis of this paper will involve dissecting the pilot episode of the television series The Lost World which screened as an hour and a half movie entitled The Beginning (see page ). This analysis will include how various issues are represented in the movie and what they say about the "other" verse what they depict about the maker and their own culture seen through the films audio and visual codes. This will therefore involve the definition and exploration into the film's context, gender, race, stereotypes, objectification, authority, autonomy, agency, roles, binary oppositions, space, time, the exotic, cultural and social significance, identity and boundary. It's important to note that many of these issues are interconnected, and they will be illustrated by examples from the text of the movie. .
             For the above to be examined, the attention must first turn to what the literature says on the named issues. This literature analysis will also include a depiction of the mass media and its powers of persuasion, the portrayal of Western ideology, and the establishment of the characters and context in which the movie takes place. My argument will follow that even though this film was made in 1999 (based on the book in 1912 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle); it depicts a colonialist ideology, Western superiority and subjugation of the "other". Ideology in this sense implying " a system of though, belief, ideas and values of a particular group of people or society" or culture, this is seen in regard to how this group interprets reality (Media studies, volume 1, page 313). A group's ideology can thus be a very powerful force to contend with, as such the media can utilise ideological power (i.e. power over ideas and beliefs- H&H page 634) to influence the audience member's way of thinking about a certain group of people or non-westerners.

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