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Understanding the Electoral College

The electoral college sets the foundation for the voting process in the United States. This essay helps you understand what the electoral college is.


What is the Economic Stimulus Act

This essay is on the Economic Stimulus Act proposed by Bush in February 2008 which was intended to provide some relief to American tax payers while reenergizing the economy.


The Basics of Carbon Credits

Carbon credits make companies responsible for their emission gasses while rewarding those who monitor and control their emissions.


Alternative Fuels, Electric and Hybrid vehicles

Essay on what You Need To Know About Alternative Fuels, Electric Cars, And, Hybrids


Environmental Effects of Traffic Congestion

Global warming is only one of the many effects of traffic congestion. There are a multitude of health related and resource issues we are now forced to deal with. Learn the environmental effects of traffic congestion.


Obamas Energy Plan

Barack Obama has developed a comprehensive energy program consisting of seven key provisions with extensive detail. From short term relief to long term planet saving efforts, read what Obama's energy plan is all about.


McCains Energy Plan

McCain's Energy Plan is often under criticism for its lack of foresight into alternative, renewable resources. This essay looks at the main points McCain's Energy Plan cover.


Michael Phelps Road to History

Michael Phelps stunned the world at the 2008 Summer Olympics. This seemingly no-name athlete has proven himself to be a star performer time and time again winning a historic eight gold medals. Read about his road to history in this essay.


The Impact of Today's Economics on Tomorrow's Social Security

The current crisis facing the United States makes people who were already skeptical about the future of economics wonder just what the impact of today's economics holds for tomorrow's social security.


The Safety of Fluorescent Lights

An essay outlining the risks and benefits of using a compact fluorescent light bulb.


Palin's Environmental Record

Palin professes to be an advocate for a cleaner Earth. This essay examines Governor Sarah Palin's environmental record, specifically looking at her views on drilling and gas development in Alaska.


Why Olympic Athletes From other Countries Train in the US

The Olympics represent a true test of will, skill and might. Winning and even qualifying to be an Olympic participant takes athletes around the world in search of the best trainers, equipment, and facilities. This essay looks into why athletes travel to the US to train for the Olympics.


Global Social Inequality Reveals the Cracks in our System

With the increase in income worldwide comes greater inequality. As the rich become richer, the poor are becoming ever more poor. Who says we can't do anything? The following statistics will show you exactly how much we are wasting.


The Future of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is being used more and more as a reliable source of renewable energy. From household uses to major environmental efforts, learn what geothermal energy is and how its success could lead to a cleaner environment.


The Potential of Solar Energy

Alternative fuel sources such as solar energy are being implemented on both large and small scales worldwide. From Walmart to Wall Street businesses are tapping in and going green. This essay shows the potential benefits experienced when solar energy is used as a primary energy source.


Unlikely Sources Of Alternative Fuels

From cooking oil to wine, scientist are constantly looking to discover new ways to produce usable fuel. This essay shows how these alternative fuels are being put to use.


Time To Bring Back The Victory Garden?

Victory Gardens worked during the first and second World Wars, and many experts are predicting their return. This essay tells what is a Victory Garden and why its implementation today could benefit all citizens.


Electric Vehicles

With the gas crisis and environmental troubles we face, electric vehicles are finally "in". The possibilities are endless as this essay shows the power of electric vehicles.


Who Is Michael Phelps

Before the 2008 Olympics, most people had never heard of Michael Phelps. Discover the history of this 8-time Gold Medal Winner.


Animal Activists Take Sarah Palin To Task

This essay explores Sarah Palin's public service record where animals are concerned, and the effects it may have on the Presidential election. In particular her position of trying to remove polar bears from the endangered species list, and the hunting and execution of wolves in Alaska.


The New Offshore Drilling Proposal

Is offshore drilling a practical plan of action for reducing prices at the pump and curtailing dependence on foreign oil? With environmental issues being buried under the election-season rhetoric and greenhouse gas emissions exceeding scientists' most dire predictions, offshore drilling may be an economically misdirected means to preserve an obsolescent status quo while throwing a wrench in the green machine.


The Health of Children in Today's Environment

Global warming effects more than the environment as we once knew it, this essay shows how children are affected by the environment.


The Correctness of Al Gore's Energy Proposal

After Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth," the former U.S. Vice-President's detractors poked fun at his warnings of global warming. His ideas such as glaciers melting and carbon deficits were fodder for the jokes of many, especially some conservatives. However, a look at current news is proof enough that Mr. Gore was not just "crying wolf."


John McCain's Stance on Offshore Drilling

This essay breaks down John McCain's stance on offshore drilling as an issue in the 2008 campaign. It lists possible reasons for his stance, and outlines the change in ideology over the last few months.


The Internet's Effect on the Music Industry

The internet is changing our lives in many ways including how we buy and sell music. Why are record companies losing money? How can everyday musicians market their records online with digital distribution without a label?