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Unlikely Sources Of Alternative Fuels

            The limited amounts of natural resources have sent researchers looking for new ways to power the modern world. The desire to make gasoline a thing of the past comes both from an ecologically friendly viewpoint and one that wants to be prepared when natural resources run out. So what lengths will people go to and where will they find new ways to power cars?.
             A Car That Runs On Cheese.
             This is not entirely true. You cannot shove a brick of cheddar in your engine and be on your way, but there is some truth. Scientists have managed to make ethanol as a fuel for cars, and they have made it from the remnants of the process used to produce cheese. Clearly, using by-products from the cheese production process has its advantages. When you need more fuel, you just make more cheese. There is not a big concern of running out of materials to make more cheddar. This may sound odd, but someday you may get from one place to another with the help of cheese.
             An Unexpected Use For Cooking Oil.
             Getting the most obvious out of the way, cooking is probably the well known way of using cooking oil. That is not the only use for it though. Did you know that cooking oil can be used to make biodiesel fuel? The plentiful supplies of soybean oil in the United States can be turned into biodiesel fuel which will work in any diesel engine. Although not a replacement for gasoline, this readily available and widely usable alternative fuel could help ease the drain on natural resources. Once made into biodiesel fuel it can be used in existing diesel engines, and the existing amounts of soybean oil already available for the process make it a viable alternative to regular diesel.
             Wine As Gas.
             Prince Charles has a car that runs on wine. This highly unlikely source of energy sounds like a joke, but it works. This creative source of automobile fuel is actually another very clever move. Turning to available, renewable substances is the way to wean people off their dependency on fuels that come from natural resources.

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