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Wind-Generated Energy

            Nowadays majority of energy produced by burning fossil fuels are accompanied by the release of large amount of CO2.Moreover humanity is aware of damaging effect of this gas and try to find alternative sources of energy. The downside of using fossil fuels, as a main source of energy, is upcoming shortage and a lot of time is required to recover them. All types of alternative sources have particular problems with implication or usage. Hydro dumps, for example, cannot be used in many places because strong river flow is a rare thing to find. Another example is solar power depends on climate; there are not a lot of places in the world where it is always sunny. As for wave power, its effectiveness still has not been proven. Conversely wind power managed to show itself as a very effective, progressive and clean source of energy. It provides user-countries with renewable energy and clean environment. Both general public's and government's concerns about environmentally clean technologies and growing energy demand forced industrialized countries to solve energy problems and develop technologies, which generate wind energy. However not only advantages should be taken into account when we talk about wind energy, there are also some disadvantages. Is wind generated energy really that effective? Does it have significant drawbacks and is it able to replace our current sources of energy? .
             Humanity has used wind power since dawn of civilization. Egyptians first implemented wind power for sailing, first simple sailboats were used there approximately 5,000 years ago. Later, around 700 AD people used wind to rotate machine around vertical axis in order to grind wheat. Then this technology had been improved from simple wind machine into outstanding grind mills that became one of the greatest technical inventions of Middle Ages. Wind powered water pump was introduced in 1854 in the US and then in 1882 Charles Brush improved technology of windmill so that it was able to produce electricity.

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