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Research on Mechanical Engineering

I've always been intrigued about how things are made and put together. I've asked myself questions about what makes an engine drive an automobile or a printing machine print words on a piece of paper. So many small and large parts must be pieced together to make a whole. If one intricate piece of the puzzle is missing or not running properly, the machine or system fails. Deadlines will come and go, and productions will cease. How does a mechanical engineer know where to start? Troubleshooting seems ridiculously difficult, especially with something complex. Of course, someone had to have an idea in the first place, but to make that idea turn into something mechanically successful and useful is amazing. A job that is so technical may require years of education and extensive finances. Will I be able to afford this type of education? Am I intellectually up for the challenge? What are the areas of expertise in this broad field? Would a job in mechanical engineering be rewarding as a career