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Complementary and Integrative Health Approaches

Maimonides once said, "The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it." Maimonides is making a great point! The healthcare system has become so accustomed to treating specific diseases that they can be blind to individual patient needs. Think of the example of a patient who was just told they have cancer. The patient wants to know if it can be cured and the best treatment options. Health care professionals offer treatment to treat the manifestations or to ease the pain but not always to cure the individual. If the patient is advised to fight the disease with chemotherapy, they will be made aware of the side effects but may not understand the physical and emotional demand. After going through with chemotherapy they most likely will become constantly exhausted, nauseous, emotionally drained


Police Brutality: Causes, Impacts and Solutions

Introduction The relationship between civilians and police officers is of paramount importance ensuring that law and order prevails in the society. Police officers cannot successfully perform their duties without the support of civilians. On the other hand, police officers have a responsibility of ensuring law and order prevails in the society for civilians to carry out their daily activities without fear or interruptions. However, in the recent past these relationships have been constrained due to various reasons. Police officers and civilians have in some cases clashed and this has worsened the relationships between these two groups. Police officers have a duty to protect all civilians and ensure law and order is maintained at all times. On the other hand, civilians demand to enjoy their rights and conduct their daily activities without being interrupted by other civilians or police officers (Chaney, & Robertson, 2013). The gap between marinating law and order and exercising the free


Analysis of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens brings life to the French Revolution, in his historical novel, A Tale of Two Cities. His novel envelopes around many unforgettable names as he brings the story of two cities, London and Paris together. Throughout the whole book, Dickens refers to the wine as the blood that runs through the streets of Paris. This passage is from Book the First, Chapter 5, where Dickens introduces Paris and the Defarges for the first time, who eventually become some of the most significant characters of the book. Charles Dickens recreates the gravity of the French Revolution as he uses wine to surface the rising tension among those doomed with poverty. Throughout this passage, he anticipates the French Revolution, throws light upon the people's joy that is bound with despair and illuminates the pit-striking hunger of the people. The lower classes of France at the time of the French Revolution were suffering from poverty, starvation and hunger. The people did not have enough food or hard


The 1972 Olympics and the Munich Massacre

The Munich massacre was an attack during the Olympic games in Munich, West Germany in 1972. Eleven athletes of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and eventually killed, along with a German police officer, by the Palestinian group Black September. The hostage taking, which resulted in the death of the eleven athletes, took place almost entirely in the glare of the world's media. The world watched as the horror unfolded, terrorism was brought into their homes for the first time. Security considerations and media coverage of terrorist incidents, nor the way the western world view's terrorism have ever been the same since. At approximately 5am, on September 5th, 1972, five terrorists dressed in tracksuits, carrying duffle bags containing assault rifles, pistols, and grenades climbed over a six and a half foot chain-link fence with the assistance of unsuspecting athletes who were also sneaking into the Olympic Village. The athletes were originally thought to be American but were


American Gothic and A Rose for Emily

Louis Gross states, "The American gothic is concerned primarily with exploring personal identity through the roles of family and national history." This definition of the subgenre describes the gothic described in "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner in an impeccable manner. The house's decline in appearance and beauty on the street was a prevalent link to the theme of the decline in Miss Emily's social status in her community. Her house being described as "white, decorated with cupolas and spires set on what had once been our most select street" (section 1), at the beginning of the story and then by the end of Miss Emily's life it was pictured as a run down, desolated and a "coquettish decay" ran as a parallel of Miss Emily herself. Once being described as an angelic figure in white and by the end she was shown as a haggard women whose status and appearance had fallen down to that of a "fallen women" is very similar to the gothic downfall of the house. As the


Cao Gio/Gua Sha Philosophy

Upon being assigned this essay, I immediately thought of my boyfriend. It sounds weird I know, but I'll never forget the day we were hanging out and I caught a glimpse of his back as he was taking off his sweatshirt...deep red liner marks all over his back. I asked about them, absolutely mortified because quite frankly, they looked like lesions like one would have with meningitis. He told me that he previously had a migraine that would not go away so when he went home for the weekend his mother did cao gio on his back (he is Vietnamese). Thus I've decided to explore the claims made by proponents of the cao gio practice. Cao Gio (pronounced cow gaw) is the Vietnamese version of the Chinese practice of Gua Sha. Both these practices operate under the belief that certain ailments, like headaches, the common cold, and fatigue are caused by a build-up of wind in the body thus the names Cao Gio (carving wind) and Gua Sha (scraping sha; sha being the redness that comes to the surface of the s


The Rights and Wrongs on Induced Abortion

Induced abortion, the deliberate termination of a pregnancy has been one of the biggest issues in America for decades. The debate about Induced abortion continues to be a problem in the society because of the reasoning behind laws that have been established. Opponents of induced abortion, pro-life supporters including the Planned Parenthood organization, have argued that it is immoral. The fetus they have noted is human and has a right to life just as the mother. They also believe that Induced abortion goes against Christian principles outlined in the Bible. On the other hand, supporters of Induced abortion, including Katha Pollitt's, argues that that "abortion, despite what any of its opponents might claim, is a palpable social good." Pro-choice supporters essentially believe it is a woman's right to make decisions about what is in her best interest. Considering both sides of the issue, one will realize that abortion is a complex issue, and therefore should not be limited to


Staying Connected Through Social Media

"Facebook constitutes a rich site for researchers interested in the affordances of social networks due to its heavy usage patterns and technological capacities that bridge online and offline connections" (Ellison 1143). Social networking sites have become a way for people all over the world to converse in various ways. Facebook is a social network that is one of the most effective ways to communicate with people, establish relationships with others, and advertise to the world. While we can communicate through phone calls, text messages and emails Facebook has become a cultural product that our society values. Social media has reached its all-time high and is very significant to our society. People all over the world use Facebook to communicate with family members, friends, classmates, and even strangers as you see in figure 1. As human beings, communication is an important life skill that enables us to understand better and connect with the people around us. The Facebook con


Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

A graphic novel can be defined as a book-length comic. They can be comprised of only one narrative or a collection of short individual stories. They contain sub-sequential visual art in rectangular patterns much like comic books. However, unlike comics, graphic novels aren't all typically funny. The major differences between comics and graphic novels is that they are longer, and comics can cover stories over the course of many issues while graphic novels are just one or two books (Difference Between Comic Books and Graphic Novels, knowledgenuts.com). Many graphic novels have drama, adventure, and even character development. This type of book has been growing in popularity due to its diverse format, as well as its appeal from having pictures. First, here is the simplified history of the graphic novel. Newspapers were the reason for the initial comic strips to become popular in the 19th century. From there entire magazines for comics and superhero stories were made. Then these became bo


Barrack Rules and Regulations

As a soldier living in the barracks there are very few policies soldier have to follow. As soldiers, your living quarters should be in regulation, ready for inspection at all times. If any rule or regulation is ignored by any soldier there will be punishment for this. We are soldiers 24/7, keeping our living quarters in standard is apart of our job. Windows in the barracks, windows should be up or down. Windows are not to be left open when the soldier assigned to the room is not present. The screens are placed on the windows for a reason, so they are not to be removed at ANY time. The importance of keeping your windows closed is for your own safety and the safety of your belongings. Food and cooktops, food is to be put into the trash ONLY. This is to keep bugs, and other insets


Slavery in the Cherokee Nation and the Freedmen Controversy

Throughout the years, slavery has played a dominant role within the Cherokee Nation, inevitably affecting thousands of African Americans, American Indians, and Europeans alike. Within the last decade, a vicious battle has come alive between the Cherokee people and freedmen. These freedmen, who have been denied their right to remain within the Cherokee nation, are descendants of slaves held by the Native American tribe. The purpose of this research is to outline a brief history of slavery within the Cherokee Nation, key conflicts, and the resulting outcomes. Before Europeans journeyed to North America and brought African slaves with them, Africans and Native Americans actually had a lot in common. Slavery existed, but in a much different context. Peace and diversity were commonalities: "Diverse societies flourished in Africa and the Americas for thousands of years before Europeans colonized them. In this hemisphere, there were hundreds of Native nations, each with its own spiritu


The Gothic Setting of Jane Eyre

The gothic genre of literature originated in Germany and became popular in England during the late eighteenth century. The combination of supernatural occurrences, melancholy mystery, and remote scenery painted a drab backdrop for Jane Eyre in the midst of Europe's almost romanticised tuberculosis epidemic during the Victorian Era. Jane Eyre's gothic setting sets up the theme for perseverance and female rebellion in a time of Victorian Patriarchy, as well as illustrating the main barrier between Jane and Mr. Rochester. One of the first gothic elements we encounter in the novel is the red-room, the position of exile and imprisonment imposed on Jane as punishment for her supposed fault in fighting her cousin. In this eerie room belonging to her late Uncle, Jane looks at herself in the mirror. "Returning, I had to cross before the looking-glass; my fascinated glanc


Coming to Terms with Depression

"How's it going, are you feeling okay? You don't seem like yourself, are you positive you're doing alright? If somethings going on you know you can talk to me, no judgement involved." Just those few sentences could have helped me conclude that I need help. There have been many times that I've gone days, weeks, even months feeling uneasy, emotional, indecisive, worthless, restless, and loss of interest in things that normally bring me happiness. I go through the ups and downs of being content, smiling and laughing, communicating with family and friends, going to class and be productive for a few moments, then ill-fated the next, wasting time watching television, sleeping, staying awake for multiple days, over-eating and under-eating, and having no interaction with the outside world. Anything from the stress of classes, family and relationship issues, or personal issues with me lead me to go through these bizarre phases. Naturally I recognize that this is not normal, however, i


Community Service Activities

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give," is one of my favorite quotes by the late Winston Churchill. I gave six hours to a non-profit charity this past week by selling t-shirts to promote breast cancer awareness and it was most fulfilling. Seeing my hard work make a difference inspired me to provide services for the local Minot Human Society as well. In the next passages I will explain my tasks, personal thoughts on community service conducted and the correlation between the chapter lesson and my community efforts. Community Service Activity Live United (United Way) is a non-profit charity organization focused on providing food, shelter, health and wellness, dignity, self-worth, independence, companionship and so much more. It has been a great honor to provide my charismatic attitude to help sell t-shirts for such a glorious and noble cause. Located right here in the lovely Minot community, I stood out near the fairgrounds at a wonderfully decorate


Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear

ACL stands for "Anterior Cruciate Ligament." It is the tissue that connects the thighbone to the shinbone at the knee. It is also one of the most common ligaments in the body to get injured and is particularly common among athletes in football, basketball, soccer and even tennis. The tearing of the ACL affects the ligaments ability to keep the knee stable as the ACL is also the ligament that joins the femur and the tibia. ACL is one of the four main ligaments found in the knee. The other three ligaments found in the knee include the medial collateral, lateral collateral and posterior cruciate. Approximately 200,000 ACL injuries take place annually. When a patient suffers from ACL injury they often have swelling on the knee and feel unstable alongside with a sharp pain. When looked at the cause of this injury we


Should Everyone Have Driving Privileges?

The United States has a long history of immigration. This gorgeous country was founded by immigrants and those people fought for our independence from tyrants. Over the years, immigration has slowly developed a negative stigma. This harsh reality is due to the plethora of illegal immigrants that came into the country seeking a better life and the hope of the American Dream. For most that dream, is just that, a dream. While pursuing the American Dream, illegal aliens depend on entitlements, 62% of illegal immigrants are on some type of public assistance (Camarota). While this group of people is residing illegally in this country, they are pursuing one more American liberty; the privilege to conduct a motor vehicle. The practice of allowing undocumented people licenses is legal in 10 states, including California. Granting American liberties and privileges to non-Americans will only create more cultural issues and division. Proponents of ensuring driving privileges to illegal immigrant


Book Overview - City of God by St. Augustine

Born and raised as a Roman Catholic, my parents tried their best to mold me not just into a kind and obedient kid but to be a girl with a strong faith in God. I remember that our apartment didn't have just one but a couple of altars. At a very young age, I was taught how to make the sign of the cross, I was given a kiddie book about the Life of Saints and a sort of children's bible and that going to Mass every Sunday was a requirement. During Christmas season, I was being brought to Church at 4 in the morning even though I'll just sleep for the whole duration of the Mass, because Mom said that whenever I complete the "Misa de Gallo," Jesus will grant me any wish I made. Religion to an innocent girl back then meant that following what it preaches can make you a good and happy person. It seemed promising and like "a guide to living a perfect life." This is how my parents made religion look in a little girl's eyes. But even as a kid; homeless people, kids with no paren


Whitewashing is Beautiful - The Bluest Eye

Beauty plays a highly influential role through Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye. Morrison's novel highlights the ideals of the south in the 1940's, displaying middle to upper-class ideals of beauty - which seem centered upon whiteness and proves to be harmful to young black girls living in this time. Not only is the novel focused on the effect of these unrealistic standards of beauty on young black girls, but it also shows how it affects others, such as the adult women in the novel as well. Each character craves the desire for a trait that is withheld only within the conventional white- American standards of beauty; whether it is blue eyes, lighter skin, or straighter hair. In magazines, movies, and on cups, only white beauty is celebrated as beautiful, leaving women of color out of the picture - or typically, in the background. Prioritizing white features as the standard for beauty proves itself as being a socially constructed ideal - something many people strive for, but cannot properl


Healthcare and the Opinion of Aquinas

Healthcare insurance was invented in the 1920's at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas. The hospital was the first to start a prepaid health care program; this was the first instance of health insurance in the United States. Healthcare has saved many of those whom cannot afford the overpriced bills at the hospital. Those who benefit from health care the most is the lower class, with the minimum wage they can barely pay to put food on the table. By Aquinas's political thought, he would be in favor for the best change in healthcare for all of the society. Aquinas would be for healthcare coverage for all due to being, Aquinas believes that the past can be a learning lesson for the future, and believes laws should be revised as much as possible (pg 71). What Aquinas believes in natural law self-preservation is important due to being all people know their natural law with reasoning. Aquinas states, "your law is inscribed on the hearts of human beings, and indeed no wickedness wipes i


Business Plan - Pandofandlejoie Breweries, Inc.

Executive Summary Mission Statement Pandofandlejoie Breweries Inc. produces products of high quality and impeccable taste that nurtures a sense of community by bringing people together. Vision Statement Pandofandlejoie Breweries Inc. will produce only the highest quality ales and lagers that will help redefine the International beer culture, and reeducate the consumer about what beer is supposed be. Operate a profitable business whose annual growth is fueled by exceptional employees who are given opportunities for development, challenging work, candid communication, autonomy, and support. Participate in the continuous improvement of our local community through partnerships with local artists, nonprofit arts organizations, and like-minded businesses. Grow the bottom line by designing a corporate culture that recruits exceptional talent who produce exceptional products, and provide exceptional service in an authentic, thoughtful, and artistic manner. Create a broad spectrum of extrao


Organizations and Employee Retention

Abstract Employee retention can be achieved in every organization when the employees are motivated and inspired by their managers or supervisors. Although employees are motivated by salary, most employees are 99% more motivated by seven other human resource needs that are crucial for managers to figure out. Retaining employees includes empowering them such as; train them for other jobs, give them responsibility for projects, offer constant informal feedback, and offer them access to many different kinds of information. A knowledgeable manager who motivates and inspires employees to perform will benefit any organization for the reason that they will enhance employee retention and decrease turnover. Keywords: Leadership, Retention, Motivation Managing and Measuring Employee Retention Organizations today need managers who are knowledgeable business partners skilled at managing change. How do you "Manage and Measure Employee Retention?" SimpleMotivate to perform! Managers need


Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It

Elizabeth Royte - Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It. "What drives this obsessive thirst-this compulsion to pay for something we can essentially get for free?" Royte analyzes the differences between bottle water and tap water. What kind of water should we be drinking? According to Royte, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) tells us that the United States have one of the safest water supplies in the world. Cynthia Dougherty, Director of the EPA's Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, states, "I wouldn't hesitate to drink tap water anywhere in the country." Royte also points out that Dr. Ronald B. Linsky of the National Water Research Institute said in Avoiding Rate Shock; making a case for Water Rates, a report published by the American Water Works Association, "You have a very high assurance of safe, high-quality drinking water." Royte also states that according to the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council), you can drink most cities tap water without a problem. Royte claims that by drinking tap water, you have zero waste and cost,


Descriptive Essay - An Exciting Day

Every young kid loves to be thrilled in some way, whether it be from trying something new or going to a new location. Excitement is something that seems to overwhelm the body and most of the time we always choose something that seems more exciting and enjoyable. Looking back, I'd remembered the day as if it were yesterday. It was a dark, rainy day and right before our spring break. Dad insisted we go and get something to eat and we'd all agreed upon getting pizza. I remember walking in, it was the first time we'd been in the Pizza Hut since the remodel. I remember going in and seeing all the new jerseys hanging on the wall from our local high school. When you stepped foot in the door you could smell a very odd mixture of the newly put on paint and pizza. After we got settled in we ordered our drinks and proceeded to talk about everyone's day. Everyone agreed on how much it was gloomy due to the rain. Our drinks arrived, and as I took a sip of my refreshing cherry Pepsi my dad said to us, "I have an idea." We all loo


The Welfare State and Social Systems

The welfare state is defined as a social system in which a government is responsible for the economic and social welfare of its citizens and has policies to provide free health care, money for people without jobs; it is also a country that has such a system.1 From the 1930s to the early 2000s, the welfare state went through various stages of development. This development will be analyzed throughout this paper, with a specific focus on pensions, family allowances, and health care. The Canadian welfare state began in 1927 with the launching of old age pensions. Old age pensions were the first federal-provincial program that shared costs between the two governments, and as a result of this, there were a few problems with the program. Like unemployment assistance during the Depression, the old age pensions "began as a three-way partnership among the federal, provincial, and local governments."2 "Pensions became an area where any real local autonomy was effectively term


Health Conditions of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

Food justice aims to ensure that the benefits and risks of producing, distributing, and consuming food are shared fairly by everyone involved and to transform the food system to eliminate inequities (WC Perspectives). From farmworkers to the home dinner table and to the corporations that sell packaged goods or fast food are all part of the food system. The food justice movement is an effort to help people who live in food deserts, protect the rights of farmworkers, and fight to stop corporate farming practices that endanger the ecosystem. Farm workers in the United States perform laborious tasks and are exposed to a wide variety of occupational risks and hazards. These workers lack access to social services, healthcare and have little protection from labor laws, even though they are a critical component to providing healthy food. There is roughly around 2.5 million seasonal and migrant farmworkers in the United States ("The National Agricultural Workers Survey."). Agriculture is one