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Should Everyone Have Driving Privileges?

            The United States has a long history of immigration. This gorgeous country was founded by immigrants and those people fought for our independence from tyrants. Over the years, immigration has slowly developed a negative stigma. This harsh reality is due to the plethora of illegal immigrants that came into the country seeking a better life and the hope of the American Dream. For most that dream, is just that, a dream. While pursuing the American Dream, illegal aliens depend on entitlements, 62% of illegal immigrants are on some type of public assistance (Camarota). While this group of people is residing illegally in this country, they are pursuing one more American liberty; the privilege to conduct a motor vehicle. The practice of allowing undocumented people licenses is legal in 10 states, including California. Granting American liberties and privileges to non-Americans will only create more cultural issues and division. .
             Proponents of ensuring driving privileges to illegal immigrants argue many positive outcomes. The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice claims that, "Allowing all residents, regardless of immigration status, to be tested, licensed and insured would create a safer New Jersey and allow its residents to engage more in the economic, social and cultural life of the state." In theory, yes, requiring illegal immigrants to test and be insured under the state's laws will develop safer roads. Although, the tests granting a driver's license may be administered in their native language, will allow them to drive in an English-speaking world. Traffic signs are all in English, most police officers only speak English, and lastly, if an accident were to occur, approximately 75% of Americans cannot hold a conversation in any language other than English (About). The potential for a cultural clash is evident being that we, as a nation, will be setting these people up for failure.

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