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Driving Age... Stay 16 Or Go up to 18

            Did you know that statistics show that 30% of the accidents on the road are caused by 16 year olds? Ever since young teenagers could drive more people actually began getting hurt, or even killed. This is clearly an issue because it is for everyone's safety when they are driving, but with 16 year olds driving crazy and having different distractions, such as loud radios, and cell phones its putting every one in danger. 16 year olds should not be able to drive.
             If you are 18 years old, you can get all of the privileges you get by turning into a legal adult at once. For instance, you can buy cigarettes, you would be able to drive without having an adult driving along with you, and you probably wont have a curfew. The other side might try argue with me by saying something like the kids can get different things at different times to make them happy at different times in their lives. I would disagree and I would come back and say if they want to do one thing then they are going to want to do everything that they can not do. .
             When you are 18 years old, you have the right to register things to yourself, and you wont need to much help from your parents. For instance, you can register your car to you, you can get credit cards in case something happens on the road, and you would not need an adult or legal guardian in the car when you were driving. The other side might try to bring me down by saying parents can teach them what and they will understand how to be fairly reliable soon enough. I will bring my self back up by saying that parents aren't always going to be there, they should learn on there own and they will remember more. .
             An expert Kathy Murphy says that from past research " By the time a young adult turns 18, usually their bodies have fully matured." Most of the 18 year olds can make more wise decisions, they can uphold an apartment, and they can learn how to live on their own, all by themselves.

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