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charles manson

            The name Charles Manson is known throughout the United States. The name signifies many things murder death and insanity. Many people refer to Charles Manson as just Charlie but the members of cult called the family thought Charlie was the reincarnation Jesus Christ and that he would leave his "family" to salvation after the race war that would kill off most the war. This paper will discuss Charlie's early life, the famous killings that he mad his family do and finally what lead to his incarceration .
             Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 12, 1934 his real name was no name Maddox. Kathleen Maddox, a 16-year-old prostitute was Charlie's mother. Kathleen and her brother were sentenced to five years in prison for robbing a West Virginia gas station. Charlie was sent off to live with a religious aunt and her husband, who always made fun of Charlie calling him a "sissy," dressing him in girl's clothing and saying that this would make Charlie a man of . Kathleen got out of Prison in 194 and got her son back, but was not a good mother. Kathleen left Charlie with neighbors saying she would only be gone for an hour then would disappeared for days or weeks, leaving relatives to track Charlie. By 1947, Kathleen was looking for a foster home for her son, but found none Charlie ended up in the Gibault School for Boys, in Terre Haute, Indiana, but ran away after ten months, going back to his mother. She still didn't want him, and so Charlie started to live on the streets, making a living by steeling. Arrested in Indiana, he escaped from the juvenile hall after one day. When he got caught he was sent to Father Flanagan's Boy's Town, it was four days before he escaped again, getting away in a stolen car to visit relatives in Illinois. He pulled more robberies on the way over there, leading to another arrest at age 13. Sentenced to three years in a reform school at Plainfield, Indiana, Charlie said he was abused by older boys and guards .

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