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Charles Manson

             "You made your children what they are. These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. I just tried to help them stand up. You can project it back at me, but I am only what lives inside each and every one of you. My father is your system. I am only what you made me. I am a reflection of you."".
             -Charles Manson.
             Charles Manson was born on November 12, 1934, in Cincinnati, Ohio to a Blah Blah Blah. This sounds exactly like every other paper I have read in order to write this report. What a waste. Charles Manson was born to a drunken whore prostitute, named Kathleen Maddox because birth control wasn't as good in the 30's as it is today. He was a mistake and made business slow for nine months of his mom's life. Speaking of her life, it started out pretty good in most respects. Kathleen lived with her parents, grandparents, and two siblings. Her grandmother threw down on anything borderline promiscuous and said that God didn't allow it. She was the Nazi in Kathleen's life. This may not be that different from many of the homes in that day, but Kathleen could not handle being told no, no, no to any fun she attempted to have so she ran away from home at the age of 16 and a few months later she was knocked up by some guy who got his moneys worth. Charles Manson was a bastard child and the truth was that his mother had no idea who the father was (Crime Library, 2004). After she became pregnant, she desperately wanted to fall in love with a man that would love and support her and her child, so she married a few times, and one of those men, William Manson, gave Charles a last name. This marriage only lasted a couple years and pretty soon there was a new man in Kathleen and Charles's lives every couple of months. (charliemanson.com, 2004) When Charles was only five years old, his mother was arrested for armed robbery and sent to prison. During this time Charles was sent to one of his many foster homes.

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