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             He has been titled "The most dangerous man.
             people say the reason society is so bad.
             Many people say that he acted as Jesus Christ. Both.
             Jesus Christ and Charles Manson led a cult that still thrives.
             to this very day. Christ's followers are still preaching his.
             words, as do Christ's followers. And each cult is growing as.
             time goes by. Both "Christianity" and "The Manson.
             Family" will be here forever. As old followers die out, new.
             followers will take their place to carry on the words of both.
             Jesus Christ and Charles Manson.
             Weren't both of them wanted for influencing murder?.
             Charles Manson has led the Tate-LaBianca murders as.
             Jesus Christ led the city of Jericho, town of Salem murders. .
             In todays sociaty we'd rather listen to Charlie's.
             words than some finatic priest. Manson knows and has.
             expierenced hardships in life. Our society has caused.
             Charles Manson to become what he is today. .
             The reason why he became the man he was , was.
             because of his juvenile delinquency. Many people always.
             asked why are children becoming delinquent?What caused.
             these kids to become criminals? .
             What was different about their background as.
             opposed to the background of non-delinquents? .
             In "The Relationship Between Childhood.
             Maltreatment and Adolescent Involvement in Delinquency".
             (Carolyn Smith and Terence P). .
             These are some questions that might explain the.
             reason why manson became the man he was.
             (1) Was his childhood maltreatment a significant risk.
             factor for official and self-reported measures of.
             delinquency? .
             (2) Was his childhood maltreatment a risk factor for.
             various types of delinquent behavior, including violent.
             offending? .
             (3)was his relationship between maltreatment and.
             delinquency spurious, or is it maintained when relevant.
             variables are held constant?.
             (4)Were this his measures of maltreatment - for example,.
             measures that incorporate such dimensions as the.

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