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Drinking Age

            The drinking age should remain the same. At 21 years of age, people seem to be very mature. They know how much is too much and they have better control over themselves. Most people when they are 21 have already had a few drinks in their life and they realize what their limit is. If the drinking age were to be lowered back to he age of 18, there would be a lot more underage drinking because alcohol would be easier to access. Drinking is definitely a privilege just like driving a car.
             I definitely agree with the argument that drinking is a privilege and not a right. However, the part about drinking should be illegal for minors, I do not fully agree with. Some "minors" will drink alcohol for the sake of doing it because it is illegal. If drinking as a minor was not considered to be illegal, then there would be fewer kids drinking. They could change the law to saying that purchasing alcohol as a minor is illegal but the consumption of alcohol is not illegal. The law for cigarettes isn't even as harsh as the one I just mentioned. It states that as a minor it is not illegal to buy cigarettes or smoke then; it is only illegal to sell cigarettes to minors. I do believe that minors do not have the maturity or responsibility to drink or control their drinking but I don't believe that it should be illegal for them to be drinking it. Even though I just contradicted myself, I stand firm on what I believe about the drinking age.
             The question of whether to change the drinking age will always be apparent. Our government made a good decision in making the drinking age 21. If the laws were to stay the same, there would still be minors drinking. If the laws were to change to make the drinking age even younger, even more people would be drinking. The stock market would go up because there is more demand for alcohol. But, there would be more alcohol related car accidents. If the age were dropped to 18, what is to stop the government from dropping it to 16, or 14? I hope that the law remains the way it is because there is no real good that would come from lowering the age in which you are legally allowed to drink alcohol.

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