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Drinking Age

             The drinking age has been a controversy for many years now. There are many good reasons to keep it were it's at now but there are a lot of good reasons to lower it as well.
             The reasons to lower the drinking age is because it forces kids to get liquor illegally, it also forces them to drink in dangerous harsh environments. 32% of all students under 21 compared to 22% over 21 years of age are heavy drinkers just because drinking by these youth is seen as an exciting "forbidden fruit" a "badge of rebellion against authority" and a symbol of adulthood.
             The reasons to keep the drinking age were it is is that is gives kids a chance to mature more. And keeping it at 21 is an effective in preventing alcohol related deaths and injuries among youth, there has also been a dramatic decrease in drinking and driving problems as well but its not just the rise in drinking age the at has lowered the drinking and driving rate its also education concerning drunk driving, designated driver program, increased seat belt and air bag usage, safer automobiles, and lover speed limits.
             The way I see it is that if a youth wants to drink he or she will no matter what whether they get it from a sibling, co-worker, friend, parent, or if all else fail just wait outside a store and beg someone to buy it for them. I mean if someone who can get married, serve in the military, vote, enter into a legal contract and carry out adult responsibilities then they should have the right to drink. I think that the drinking age should be lowered to 18 or 19 and to permit people of legal age to drink in socially controlled environments such as restraints, bars, taverns, and official school and university functions. I also think that individuals of any age should be permitted to consume alcohol under direct supervision of their parents in their own home.
             In conclusion I think the drinking age should be changed to 18 or 19 but no matter if you 18 or 95 drinking can become very dangerous when consumed in excessive amounts just like anything else so if your going to drink legally or not drink responsible and be careful.

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