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"Drinking is Fun...or is it?"

             The legal drinking age in all states should be eighteen. First, it would eliminate most people from drunk driving. Secondly, it would be a reasonable solution to keep teenagers from over drinking. Fianlly, being eighteen is an adult, and drinking is a right that every adult should have. Therefore the legal drinking age should be reduced to eighteen years of age in United State.
             Drunk driving is a major problem of many young adults. People tend to avoid getting a parent or a designated driver for a ride because they do not want their parents to find out that they were drinking illegally. Instead they take the chance to drive themselves. As a result, this is in fact harmful to them and drunk driving could be a major hazard to other drivers. If the drinking age were lowered, then the young adults would not get into legal trouble for calling a parent or another adult for a ride home. Therefore, legal drinking age in all states should be reduced to eighteen years of age.
             Nowadays, it seems like everyone is drinking at college parties. Typically for college students, drinking at parties and spending time with their fellow colleagues is their main form of entertainment. The problem with drinking is that half the college students are under the legal drinking age. Most students feel that they have to drink as much as they can consume. Because they don't know when the next time that those under age students will be able to drink again. These behaviors usually result in binge drinking and sending students to the hospital. In some cases, certain individuals may die of alcohol poisoning. By reducing the legal drinking age, it seems that it would be a good solution to keep students from over drinking. Seeing that they would not have the chance of drinking whenever they wish; however, once a teen reaches the age of 18, they have adult rights. This means that they should be able to drink on their own free will considering the positive and negative consequences.

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