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Teen Drinking

            Teen drinking is very prevalent in today's society. Have you ever been to a party and someone.
             started drinking and soon everyone there was too? Did you ever stop to think what problems go.
             along with teen drinking. It is no joke it is a very serious problem. A lot of teens do not realize.
             that alcohol damages them physically, emotionally, and mentally. .
             When teens use alcohol it causes many physical problems. Alcohol can ruin your health.
             The more you drink the more damages is done to your body. Many teens do not realize that when.
             you consume alcohol in large quantities and done quickly you body has no chance to assimilate.
             the alcohol, thus resulting in alcohol poisoning, coma or even death. Likewise, prolonged and.
             heavy abuse of alcohol can slowly kill you. It can damage or destroy vital organs, such as your.
             liver, pancreas, brain, and heart. Developing young bodies and minds are particularly vulnerable.
             to such damage, which is sometimes irreparable. .
             Some teens claim that alcohol helps them to function better. Some teens are shy, and feel.
             drinking allows them to meet new people, have fun, and come out of their shells. The problem is.
             though that a teen matures not by running from difficult situations but by facing them. Learning.
             to cope with problems as a youth is just a rehearsal for the trials of adulthood. In the long run shy.
             teens or teens in general who drink find that the temporary effects of alcohol do not help them.
             over come their shyness or to feel better. The same is true of using alcohol as a crutch in dealing.
             with stress. If a youth feels overwhelmed and stressed out he may think that a drink of alcohol.
             will calm him down and take away the stress or problems he or she is facing. .
             When teens drink it slows down their mental process. Even though they may not think it.
             does, alcohol impairs your speech and thoughts. They are unable to think clearly and make quick.
             decisions that may cost them their life.

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