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College Drinking

             Drinking has become a norm at every college in the United States. Drinking has become part of most college student's agenda just about every weekend. You cant visit a college in the United States in which drinking isn't part of the weekends activities. It has almost become a tradition for college students to attend "keggers" every weekend. Students partake in binge drinking and drinking games that are held at these parties.
             Binge drinking is the consumption of five or more drinks in one sitting. Binge drinking takes place at nearly every college party. Most college parties are held for the sole purpose of binge drinking. College "keggers" are a vital part of a student's social life. A "kegger" is a party in which kegs of beer are purchased for the party goers to consume. At most of these parties five dollars is charges at the door for a cup. The student then keeps the cup and drinks out of the kegs all night long. "Keggers" are a cheap way for the students to drink alcohol and have a good time. These parties are also a good way for the people throwing the party to make quick money. The number of people at the parties who are paying for a cup easily covers the expense of the kegs. These parties are a staple at colleges all across the United States.
             These parties are also host to many drinking games. These drinking games are quick ways for the participants to get drunk, and have fun at the same time. At many small parties, card games are popular. These games are played with a normal deck of cards and are usually simple. The concept of the games is for the players who aren't playing well to drink the most. These games often result in very drunk people. The most popular game is beer pong. Beer pong is a game played on a ping pong table, or a table similar in size. .
             As showed in the picture, cups are placed in a triangle, and players at one end of the table try to toss a ping pong ball into the other teams" cups.

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