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How to Succeed in College

             College students face many obstacles while trying to succeed in college. Academic, work and social pressures can take a toll. It is essential to overcome these obstacles. However, the ability to do so is something that eludes some students. .
             One of the first things to realize when starting your college career is that your not in high school anymore. There are no deans in the hallway telling you to go to class or trying to catch you skipping. You pay for your classes in college, so if you do not go it is no ones problem but your own. This puts a new level of responsibility on a student. Some students take advantage of the less strict policies of college and do not attend on a regular basis. By taking such measures can only lead to a negative outcome.
             The ability to focus is also vital while attempting to succeed in school. Students may have a lot going on in their life, such as work, family, and social obligations. It important to put these things past you while at school. It is nearly impossible to try to learn or understand something when your mind is bogged down with other thoughts Your life outside of school is just as important as your life in school. It is .
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             imperative to balance your social life with your study time. Making time for your school work needs to be your number one priority if you plan to be a successful student. Your study time is so very important because it is your opportunity to sit down and take a good look at your material. If you do this when test or exam time rolls around you will not be crammed trying to learn so much information in such a short time.
             The social aspect of school is also a big part of the college atmosphere. It is important to get out and do things with your friends. Thus, not to let school take a toll on you mentally. However, you have to make sure your in the right crowd of friends. Staying out late partying, drinking, and taking illegal drugs can be detrimental to one's hope of a successful college career.

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